To say that Shania Twain has been busy this year would be a massive understatement. The most successful female artist in country music splashed back onto the music scene this year, writing an album of her first all-new music in 15 years. It was a whole new process for the prolific songwriter, this time writing all on her own. Shania Twain drew from her personal journey of hurt to healing both emotionally and physically. She describes the process of writing about the painful betrayal and dissolution of her marriage to Robert “Mutt” Lange as like “having a good cry,” and then moving on.

Beyond the emotional struggle, Lyme disease left the singer with vocal cord damage to constantly overcome. She's doing it all, and still doing good for kids, too.

Battling past challenges is something that Shania Twain has done throughout her life. She started singing at age 8 in local clubs around her Timmins, Ontario area, knowing even then the sacrifice her parents made just to scrape gas money together so her gift could at least be heard in their small world. Although her mother rejoiced in her daughter's love of song, she also had her own struggle with depression. When Shania was a teenager, both her mother and her stepfather were killed in a vehicle accident. The young artist took responsibility to raise and guide her family.

She knows about overcoming, as so many of her songs reflect.

Shania Twain has always found ways to be an example of giving back and showing grace in personal and professional realms. Reports over the last few days have been full of the examples of the singer’s initiatives to make someone else's life better and bestowing kindness from the heart.

No better time than ‘Now’

Understandably, Shania Twain has always had a heart for helping children reach their fullest potential. Early on in her stratospheric rise in music, she made the cause of childhood hunger her own, hosting numerous benefits for food pantries in Canada and the US. In 2010, she established the Shania Kids Can Foundation, which supports underprivileged children with academic, nutritional, therapeutic, and extracurricular measures to allow them to thrive and reach their personal best within a safe, secure environment.

The new album, “Now” is set for release September 29, but Shania Twain is not waiting until the big day to start giving back. She is offering a wide range of album packages and items with proceeds to benefit the foundation. Items offered have something for everyone, from simply the deluxe album package of 16 songs, to autographed memorabilia, a pre-release listening party, wardrobe and props used by the singer in her Las Vegas show, to the ultimate dinner with Shania Twain in Nashville. Every penny and dime go to the good cause and details can be found on the Pledge Music website under Shania Kids Can—Charity Fundraiser.

Compliments to Kelsea

Shania Twain has found a special friendship with Kelsea Ballerini, who admits that she has been listening to the legendary hit-maker of female empowerment from the time she could listen to music.

Kelsea was not only invited to the opening of the Shania Twain exhibit at the Country Music Hall Of Fame, she was also invited to share this stage with the "Life's About to Get Good" singer at her Stagecoach Country Music Festival debut.

Kelsea insists that Shania “is such a trailblazer-- not just for women, but for all of country music.” Shania had Kelsea dumbfounded by the compliments she bestowed from the heart about the younger star. “She's humble. She's talented. She writes. I so admire that. I admire her humility and grace,” Shania praised.

That's a moving endorsement from a graceful country queen to a humble country princess. Both these ladies have learned well what it is to give back.