As the Hollywood Reporter notes, the full trailer for “Outlander” season 3 is now out and reveals things about the new adventures of Claire and Jamie, now separated by centuries and continents. The story of lovers separated by distance is as old as storytelling. However, lovers separated by time is something new.

Frank is a very unhappy man in the 20th century

The good news, from Frank’s Point Of View, is that his beloved Claire is back. The bad news is that she is pregnant with someone else’s child and has a strange story of having adventures in the 18th century with a Highland laddie named Jamie.

Just to drive the humiliation home, the child is a girl with gorgeous red hair, a living reminder of what happened.

Nevertheless, they try to make a go at things. Claire becomes a surgeon and, while she is wistful for the life she left behind, she has become a great success in the 20th century. Frank, on the other hand, is absolutely miserable. He is a decent man, kind and good. However, he is not red-haired Jamie, the romantic hero out of legend. Frank knows that his wife has not altogether come back from the 18th century, and it is eating him alive.

Jamie pines for Claire while in prison

It turns out that Jamie survives the Battle Of Culloden and the defeat of Bonnie Prince Charlie’s hopes. Unfortunately, upon coming home to Lallybroch, Jamie finds himself arrested by the red coats, apparently betrayed by his own sister.

Jamie is hauled off to prison where he ruminates about losing Claire to its governor, Lord John Grey

A new hope for the lovers

Meanwhile, back in the 20th century, Claire discovers that her Jamie has survived the Battle of Culloden. By this time, Frank has passed on, so she does not have any impediment to trying to go back in time to be reunited with her Highland Laddie.

However, they have been apart for almost two decades. Are they the same people who first fell in love so long ago?

‘Outlander’ returns

The first two seasons of “Outlander” had the perfect melding of action, adventure, fantasy, and romance. The love triangle separated by time and space was poignant, especially from the point of view of Frank, who could not possibly compete against Jamie, no matter that the fact that he had been a hero in his own way, serving in British Intelligence during World War II. What more adventures and romance reside ahead? “Outlander” season 3 returns to the Starz Network on September 10.