When it comes to our eating habits, the most basic mindset tends to separate what should be eaten from what shouldn't. Particularly, insect fall in the latter category for most people due to basic instincts. However, most people who have regarded the practice of #Eating Insects taboo are most likely from the Western culture. Statistics show that over 2 billion people spread across numerous cultures partake in plating insects at their dinner tables almost every day of their lives.

As gross as this may seem to some people, there are several reasons why this is a good thing.

Here is a Short List to show you why eating insects maybe in your future.

5. Insects are good for you

This may sound completely absurd, but the first fact about #eating insects is actually more absurd. While not all insects are appropriate for the human digestion, those that are edible can be a huge benefit for the human body. Edible insects not only exist, they can serve as a good source of nutrition for unsuspecting eaters. Simply put, a curious eater is only a keystroke away from knowing the truth about the creepy crawlies out there.

4. Edible insects can be delicious

Another absurd fact about #eating insects is that they can be quite the delicacy, though not everyone shares the same tastes.

Some people try to imagine biting into a creepy crawly like a roach as being highly gross—not to mention dangerous. But that only applies to those species that people commonly find in their homes and if said people plan on eaten them raw. In some cultures, wild cockroaches—free from human pollution—have exquisite flavors and can be used to liven up some dishes without even having to be alive.

The people of Madagascar and their prized hissing cockroaches are a good example. The grasshopper, another creepy crawlie has even been served as an alternative to for hot dogs during the big game. even

3. They are the solution to world hunger

A well-known fact is that insects and humans are at extreme odds with each other regarding numbers, and that may very well be the biggest understatement of all time.

It is estimated to be ten quintillion insects to seven billion humans currently living in the world. That means that insects currently outnumber us more than a hundred thousand times over. Still, that's all good news for us since it #eating insects help greatly in the fight against world hunger.

4. Insects make better livestock

As mentioned before, insect volumes outrank ours almost astronomically, and that's all the reason to use them as livestock. But if that doesn't qualify as a magic pill worth swallowing to some, then the fact that they can be turned into livestock might. In the long run, it is economically advantageous to farm creepy crawlies for #food than cattle or the usual game. The process takes fewer resources to manage and is mostly environment-friendly on average.

Some may still be unconvinced by this move, but more and more insect farming industries are popping up around the world lately.

1. We're already eating insects

By far the most shocking fact about #eating insects is pretty much that; people are already eating them, and some aren't even aware of this. While most Western people don't normally bite into a dead spider at the dinner table, they unknowingly consume insect almost every day. For example, the substance known as shellac which provides jelly beans their gloss is a resin excreted from the bowels of the insect known as Kerria lacca. But that's just excrement. What about full insect bodies? It turns out these are typically used as food additives. Particularly, the female cochineal beetle along with its eggs are cooked and grounded for carmine which is used to provide foods like Yoplait yogurt its red coloring. Fascinating!