Selena Gomez made another inspiring move with her long time friend, Demi Lovato. The two music makers are working together again for a good cause in addressing social issues all around the world with the upcoming event, We Day.

According to a recent report from ELLE UK, Selena Gomez will be working together again with Demi Lovato for the WE Day event this year. The "Hands To Myself" singer will be hosting the event, as they aim to inspire the youth.

Selena Gomez wants to become an inspiration to the younger generation

"I am so happy to be hosting WE Day again," the "Bad Liar" singer revealed, According to Elle News.

"This show is about inspiration and positive ideas for change. So, if you wanna roll up your sleeves and make a difference, you have come to the right place."

The WE Day event will include speeches and performances from celebrities who also aim to give positive thoughts about poverty, equality, homelessness, social activism, violence and other issues.

Lovato and Gomez became friends ever since they met in their "Barney And Friends" days. Although Gomez and Lovato are not seen together often, the two are still very close to each other.

Meanwhile, the "Give Your Heart A Break" singer revealed how she felt underestimated and judged in the past. Despite all the negative thoughts that surround the younger generation, the Selena wants to let them know that everyone should feel powerful in their own way.

Lovato even said that taking care of one another will give people the power to build each other up during the tough times.

Gomez frets as she turns 25

On the other side of the story, Gomez is a bit anxious now that she has turned 25 this 22 July. In a Hollywood Life article, they wrote that her friends said that she could not believe the fact that she is already 25-years-old.

Gomez reportedly jokes that she feels too old now. Fortunately, her friends are brushing the negative thoughts away and tell her she is crazy to think she is already too old.

Gomez has an amazing career, body, and supportive family and she also seems to be enjoying her relationship with The Weeknd. Reports are making the rounds that they will be heading to Paris for a celebration.

Fans think that she has no reason to be scared about adding another year to add to her age as she is one of the most successful music artists in the world today.

Reports are making the rounds that Selena Gomez is currently working on a new album. However, the details are yet to be revealed by Gomez.