“Scream” Season 3 will feature a full reboot after the major shakeup, and this will include a new set of cast members. In fact, it will also have a new executive producer and creative team to start the new season.

According to MTV, the show is now in production and everything is going to look new, especially now that the rappers Tyga and C.J. Wallace have signed as series regulars. Can the network give justice to the television adaptation of the slasher film?

The new additions

Aside from the new cast, creative team, and executive producer, it will also have a new production set in Atlanta from New Orleans.

“Scream” Season 3 will now feature the story of Deion Elliot, a local star running back, per Variety. He has a tragic past that often haunts him at the worst time of his life. This terrible event also hinders his plans and the lives of his so-called group of friends.

Tyga will be playing the role of Deion’s older stepbrother Jamal while C.J. Wallace will portray the character of Amir. The son of The Notorious B.I.G. will be seen as a good kid who has strict parents that expect a lot from him, from being an obedient High School student to a business-minded kid that will continue their company. Queen Latifah will also join the third season of the television series as the new executive producer along with Shakim Compere and Yaneley Arty of Flaver Unit Entertainment.

The new cast and their roles

Moreover, TV Line enlisted the character lineup for the newly reboot “Scream” Season 3.

Deion is a football player who is trying to secure a college scholarship until a masked killer is trying to use the darkest secret he has been keeping. This will turn his world upside down that will even lead him to question his sanity.

Liv is Deion’s cheerleader girlfriend. She is beautiful, nice, and brilliant. In fact, she always wants to help others, but her good intentions often bring her into to trouble. Kym is the most rebellious one from the group. She’s organized and protective that she can use when the killer haunts her.

Beth is the most distinctive from the group.

She carries a gothic look and has a weird collection of things. She, too, is the “walking encyclopedia of all things horror.” Lastly, Jamal is Deion’s step-brother. Although he is often hanging out with a “rough crowd,” he loves his sibling so much, has a big heart, and undying loyalty.

“Scream” Season 3 will be back in March 2018 with six new episodes on MTV.