Everyone knows that once upon a time Chris Brown and Rihanna were the hottest items and had legit relationship goals. That was until the RnB singer did the unthinkable and the rest is music history. Well, it seems Mr. Brown isn't over the Barbados beauty and wants her back in his arms.

A1 Bentley has just dropped a new single today with Breezy and Ty Dolla $ign called "Always." The tune, which has the makings of a summer hit, sings about a having a woman in his mind all day (among other things). Chris Brown's new song may not exactly tell who he's singing it to, but sources believe it could be aimed at Rihanna.

'Always' lyrics are about Rihanna?

According to Hollywood Life, Brown's new tune could be about RiRi. The "Grass Ain't Greener" singer repeats the line "You're always on my mind" more than a hundred times in the song, possibly hinting at missing the "Work" hitmaker.

He continues singing, "So you know now, you're always on my mind/ Baby, you know/ Girl, you're always on my mind." Aside from Chris Brown and his vocals, A1 Bentley also helped with the tune, while Ty Dolla $ign does the second verse.

It can be recalled that Brown and Rihanna had a very publicized relationship, highlighted by an assault case in 2009 against the "With You" singer.

Chris Brown pled guilty to the charges. However, the two started dating on-and-off again from 2012 until quite recently.

Rihanna has since spoken about the incident in several interviews including Vanity Fair and 20/20.

Rihanna's diamonds shine bright for Chopard

While Chris Brown is busy working on his music, Rihanna is busy making her diamonds shine.

The "Diamonds" hitmaker has just debuted her jewelry collection with high-end jeweler, Chopard. The 9-piece Rihanna Chopard capsule is the latest venture of the Grammy-winning artist, in celebration of the jeweler's 20th anniversary.

The collection is inspired by her hometown Barbados, "embracing that Carnival spirit as well as the island's gardens, as indicated by her new promotional shots," Daily Mail wrote.

The latest fashion venture of Rihanna is a nod to her glamorous lifestyle and her over-the-top red carpet looks. Ironically, one of her biggest tracks is entitled "Diamonds."

The Rihanna jewelry collection will be available at a pop-up boutique in UK's Selfridges department store. Fans with money to spare will have to get the Chopard gems fast though as the store will only be in London for four weeks.