Scott Disick is desperate to make things right with Bella Thorne after reportedly embarrassing the actress on their brief trip out to Cannes. The duo, who briefly started dated, flew out to France together for a short-lived vacation. It wasn’t until Bella got to her hotel when she realized that she may have made the biggest mistake of her life.

Disick was extremely flirtatious with his female companions, and since the reality star has never shied away from calling him a sex addict, it wasn’t hard to believe that the father-of-three was also hooking up with the women he was getting cozy with.

Former couple on speaking terms following cheating claims

Once Bella Thorne allegedly had enough evidence to scrutinize Scott, she booked a flight back to Los Angeles and called it quits with the TV personality.

However, in recent days, Scott is said to have been very apologetic over his actions in Cannes, Hollywood Life claims, adding that through the act of sending sweet text messages and expensive gifts, Bella is slowly but surely ready to forgive the 32-year-old.

It’s even said that things started looking so great between the two that Bella made the decision to visit Scott Disick at his home in Hidden Hills earlier this week, where she even posed for a photograph that she later uploaded onto her official Instagram account.

“About a week after the film festival ended Scott started bombarding Bella with apology texts and flowers,” the insider notes.

“He sent her every color of rose possible, even special rainbow ones because she knows she’s into the whole unicorn thing. He put a lot of thought into it and said all the right things.

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He apologized for everything and blamed the alcohol like he always does.”

Bella reportedly still in love with troubled TV star

Bella Thorne has a clear weakness for Scott, who she finds beyond charming, the insider adds. It goes without saying that the 19-year-old still has feelings for the reality star, so it shouldn’t be ruled out that the twosome could potentially reconcile and give their love another shot.

The supposed fact that Thorne has already been back at Scott’s house is a clear sign that the duo has worked past their differences over what had transpired in Cannes, with insiders hinting that the duo is hinting at wanting a fresh start.

Do you think Scott and Bella will be able to work it out enough for them to reconcile and give their love another shot? Considering that Kourtney doesn't approve of the supposed romance, is this relationship doomed?