danielle Bregoli is reportedly in talks to land her own reality show, as the 14-year-old confirms that she’s currently working out which network she wants to partner with.

According to Hollywood Life, Danielle has had endless meetings with multiple networks and they all made generous offers to her. At this point, it seems as if the only thing that’s on the “cash me ousside” star’s mind is which TV station will extend her 15 minutes of fame. Bregoli told the news outlet that the Reality Show doesn’t have a premiere date yet since she’s still figuring out which network she’ll go with.

Bregoli to expand brand with new reality show

When asked what the premise entails, the teenager explained that her team hasn’t thought that far ahead. The plan is all just discussions and negotiations right now because every network tends to have different ideas for how the reality show can draw in high numbers of viewers. “We’ve been meeting with a bunch of networks,” Danielle Bregoli told Hollywood Life. “Everyone has a different idea of what the show should be about, so we’re just taking our time to figure out where the show will fit best. Also doing other stuff that we want to finish so they can be worked into the show.”

To say that Danielle is busy would be an understatement. While she’s sure to land her own reality show later this year, the teen just recently purchased a $90,000 Porsche thanks to all the money she has made since her appearance on "Dr.

Phil" last year.

According to reports, Bregoli now plans on touring North America. It’s unclear what she’ll be doing when she travels from city to city, but according to sources, the social media star could be earning more than $80,000 per show. It goes without saying that she’s already charging up to $50,000 to make appearances on TV shows and guest appearances with YouTube stars, which has already helped her attain a net worth of $1 million, according to reports.

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Building an empire with forthcoming tour

With the tour, her large social media following, and the forthcoming reality show, it seems as if Danielle Bregoli is fully prepared to build herself an empire that could potentially end up competing with the likes of Kendall and Kylie Jenner. As previously mentioned, a network has yet to finalize their deal with Bregoli before a confirmation of its production and premiere date can be finalized.

Will you be watching when Danielle's reality show premieres on TV later this year? And are you surprised by the demand she still attracts nearly 10 months after rising to fame?