Amber Rose reportedly told her friends that she was proud after seeing reality star Milan Christopher embrace his body by posing nude for Paper magazine.

According to Hollywood Life, upon seeing the photographs, which Amber described as liberating, she told her close pals that she thinks more men should follow in Milan’s footsteps and accept their individuality.

Sources explained to the gossip blog that Amber Rose is all for posing naked, stressing that there’s nothing sexier than posing full frontal. The former stripper believes that doing so shows that the person is completely confident in their own body, which Rose has the utmost respect for.

Amber Rose believes more people should go full frontal

Posing naked shouldn’t be looked down upon, the reality star stressed. Hollywood Life adding Amber is convinced that plenty of men will now want to do exactly what Milan has done because before his decision to pose nude, it almost seemed to be taboo for men to partake in naked photo shoots.

“Amber applauds what Milan is doing, she thinks people are way too uptight about nudity. She’s planning to send him flowers and some encouraging words, she knows how hard it is to break boundaries like this,” the insider gushes.

Amber Rose, who headlines her annual Slutwalk later this year, is hoping that Milan Christopher will show up to the event. She wants to show him all the support she can because there’s no doubt in her mind that people will scrutiny him for taking part in the “liberating” photoshoot.

Rose is all too familiar with being criticized for posing naked, having often defended herself by saying that she’s not going to stoop down to the negativity of others.

Nudity is about embracing your body, Amber stresses

She has her opinion about nudity and others have their own, which she says is fine, so long as people respect the fact that everybody is entitled to the decisions they choose to make.

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News of Amber’s support for Milan’s nude photo shoot comes just weeks after the mother-of-one posted a full-frontal photograph of herself on Instagram, which the photo-sharing website was quick to remove — but not before Rose’s name started trending on all social media platforms.

Amber Rose has been very vocal in saying that sharing nude photos on Instagram should be allowed, describing it as another form of self-expression.

Are you on Amber's side regarding her opinion concerning Milan's nude shoot?