With a little over a month and a half left, KCON is busy filling up the K-pop performance lineup at KCON 2017 LA. About a week ago, they announced three K-pop acts: Cosmic Girls, Heize, and Seventeen. They probably had to go big when they confused fans by making them think the K-pop act announced before those three, Vixx, would "round out" the performing lineup. Thankfully, it was just a typo as there would only be five performers over the course of three days if that were the case.

Now KCON has made known the next two K-pop acts to be performing at KCON 2017 LA: K.A.R.D.

and Wanna One.

Popular co-ed group and variety show boy band join the KCON 2017 LA lineup!

On Thursday, July 6, KCON USA announced K.A.R.D. and Wanna One as the latest K-pop acts to perform at KCON 2017 LA. They are the ninth and tenth acts to join a lineup already consisting of SF9, Girl's Day, NCT 127, Astro, Vixx, Cosmic Girls, Heize, and Seventeen.

Along with the announcement of the aforementioned two K-pop acts, KCON USA also wanted to stress the return of certain popular attractions: Flower Boy Cafe, Klub KCON, and KCON Food Street. The first is a coffee shop setting where K-drama fans can reenact their favorite scenes while enjoying a cup of Joe. The second is a fun-filled party where fans can dance in celebration of the upcoming festivities.

Finally, the latter is a "Korean open street market" where fans can enjoy various Korean street foods.

Who are K.A.R.D. and Wanna One?

Out of all the K-pop acts currently on the performance lineup, K.A.R.D.

is probably the one that has the most popularity internationally compared to its domestic fanfare back in South Korea. Formed under DSP Media, the same entertainment label and agency responsible for Kara and Heo Young Ji (formerly Youngji of Kara until they disbanded), they are one of the most popular co-ed groups in the industry today consisting of four members: J.Seph, B.M.

, Jiwoo, and Somin.

Even though it was not technically their debut, K.A.R.D. released their first song "Oh NaNa" back in 2016 as part of their trilogy pre-debut. It got the attention of many international K-pop fans. They followed up with two more songs in said trilogy, "Don't Recall" and "Rumor." The latter was so popular that it charted at No. 1 on iTunes in 13 different countries.

Now that the pre-debut trilogy is concluded, K.A.R.D. is working on their official debut which will release in mid-July this year. We do know that the debut album is titled "Hola Hola" but that is the extent of what we know for the time being.

Wanna One is the end product of the popular music survival competition variety show "Produce 101." It consists of 11 members: Kang Daniel, Park Ji Hoon, Lee Dae Hwi, Kim Jae Hwan, Ong seong Woo, Park Woo Jin, Lai Kuan Lin, Yoon Ji Seong, Hwang Min Hyun, Bae Jin Young, and Ha Sung Woon.

Given the fact the boy band was just recently formed, they don't exactly have any major hits in their repertoire just yet. However, they may end up performing songs they performed on "Produce 101." Still, the fact this new boy band is getting exposure at KCON 2017 LA is more than enough to show they are an act to look forward to. Besides, in the first season of "Produce 101," the members formed one of the most popular K-pop girl groups of 2016, I.O.I.

KCON 2017 LA will take place on August 18-20 at the LA Convention Center. This is also the first time they will hold performances for all three days. Combo tickets go on sale on July 14 while convention tickets go on sale July 21.