It's been about a month since the "Bachelor in Paradise" scandal broke out, causing the production to temporarily halt and send cast members back home from their set in Mexico. ABC issued a statement saying that there were complaints of "sexual misconduct" that caused them to temporarily stop production. An investigation was conducted and the network claims that no such event occurred and there were no incidents that put any of their cast members in danger. However, reports surfaced that DeMario Jackson and Corinne Olympios were the two cast members involved in the allegations.

Jackson has since then went on to tell his side of the story, saying that it was Olympios who first approached him and engaged in sexual acts with him. He did admit, however, that the two did not have sex.

Corinne Olympios remains quiet

"Bachelor in Paradise" cast member Corrine Olympios, whose first statement since the scandal claimed that she was a "victim," has since conducted her own investigation, which was completed "to [her] satisfaction." CNN reported that Olympios won't be returning to the show, which has now resumed production and will air its fourth season later this summer. Olympios said in her last statement, "I felt victimized by the fact that others were judging me through conflicting and unsubstantiated reports, while I myself had no recollection of the events that transpired."

DeMario Jackson is open to reconciliation

"Bachelor in Paradise" cast member DeMario Jackson, who was also embroiled in the scandal, told TMZ (via US Weekly) that he's open to reconciling with Corinne Olympios.

He said that he's looking forward to returning to an upcoming reunion episode of "Bachelor in Paradise" and "The Bachelorette’s Men Tell All." He said that he can't wait to see his castmates again, because he wanted to thank them for their unwavering support throughout the last six weeks.

He admitted, "I want to just give them all a big ol’ hug and tell them how much I love them."

Jackson looking to make amends with Olympios

"Bachelor in Paradise" cast member DeMario Jackson also admitted to wanting to speak to Corinne Olympios when she's ready.

"I’m not one of those petty people. I’m a very forgiving person," he shared.

He admitted that it didn't matter if they would speak to each other now or "10 years from now" because "I have nothing but love for her and her family."

"Bachelor in Paradise" season 4 is set to air later this summer.