Ryan Edwards has been a topic of conversation for several months now. Fans know him from "Teen Mom OG" as Bentley's dad and Maci Bookout's ex. Celebrity enthusiasts know him as the drugged out guy from that reality show. His actions over the last few months have shown some dangerous things, but he sought help for his issue shortly after marrying Mackenzie Standifer.

Ryan enters rehab

Back in May, Ryan Edwards married Mackenzie Standifer in a quickie ceremony in front of an aquarium. The two were shown driving to the place and Ryan was nodding off and acting completely out of it while behind the wheel.

Mackenzie shut down the "Teen Mom OG" cameras, but before her mic was off, she accused him of being on Xanax "again." Shortly after the two were married, he went to rehab. The program was reportedly 30 days, though no information about where he went has been made available. Edwards reappeared on social media during Father's Day weekend, which means he left within a few days of being married.

During the recent "Teen Mom OG" reunion special, Mackenzie Standifer faced Maci Bookout. Ryan Edwards was in rehab when the segment was filmed, making things between the women intense. Standifer accused Bookout of exploiting Edwards and her by telling the world about his issues. She said his ex didn't attempt to talk to her about what she had heard, and by airing his dirty laundry, she made a fool od the entire Edwards family.

Bookout claims that she did attempt to approach Jen Edwards, but she was not well-received. After all of this, Mackenzie had to quit Twitter because she was reportedly being bullied.

Bentley's baseball game

Ryan Edwards hasn't been very public since his release from rehab. He issued a statement about it but has remained in the shadows since then.

According to Us Weekly, Ryan Edwards was spotted at his son's baseball game. Photos of Edwards with his son were posted to Instagram. He is looking happy and healthy, much better than what fans saw on the season finale of "Teen Mom OG." Maci Bookout was also pictured with Bentley in a different photo, which has fans assuming the two are at least working on co-parenting amicably.

It will be interesting to see how things go for Ryan Edwards from here. Fans wish him the best on his road to total sobriety and in his marriage to Mackenzie Standifer. There has been speculation that a special had been filmed or would be filmed but as of now, MTV has not confirmed anything is in the works for Ryan Edwards.