After four heart-stopping episodes, "Steven Universe" Season 5 is currently on hiatus. After shocking revelation after revelation, the turn of events from the last four episodes unquestionably put all the viewers at the edge of their seats. What will be the next mystery that will surprise and shock fans?

The truth after another truth

In the episode "Lars' Head," Steven developed unusual new powers. Lars, who died in the previous episode, was also brought back to life. Pink Diamond's death is also coming to light thanks to the mysterious circumstances happening in the episodes.

When "Steven Universe" returned for its fifth season, a lot of fans already speculated that there will be big revelations to solve the mysteries of the hit Cartoon Network series. With the things happening in the series, "Steven Universe" Season 5 is quite a ride. This is what the show's creator, Rebecca Sugar, wants the fifth season to be.

Is it the last season already?

During her interview with Newsrama, Sugar revealed that she already has huge plans for the series. "Steven Universe" Season 5 is also rumored to be the last season for the show. Sugar stated that endgame or not, she is writing the fifth season into a serious corner. She also mentioned that she is challenging herself further for this season.

Sugar also teased that the fifth season will be a "murder mystery" during her interview with the Rolling Stone. This season will uncover the real person behind the death of Pink Diamond. There are already a lot of theories and speculations regarding this mystery.

What is Rose Quart's connection with Pink Diamond's death?

There are some pointing out that it was Yellow Diamond who is behind Pink Diamond's death.

There are also others who believe that it was Rose Quartz who is the perpetrator. If it is Steven's mother who is behind this, what is her motive for killing Pink Diamond? Is Rose Quartz secretly a part of the Diamonds?

Meanwhile, with Steven developing his new powers, the next episodes to come will surely be exciting. What will Steven do in uncovering the truth?

If Rose Quartz is behind the death of Pink Diamond, how will Steven deal with it?

"Steven Universe" Season 5 is the most exciting season with Steven finally growing to be a leader. "Steven Universe" Season 5's return date is yet to be revealed. Fans cannot surely wait to see Steven and his friends on the small screen again. #Pink Diamond