Rob Kardashian has finally offered an apology to the famous Kardashian clan. It is believed that the famous family has been quiet about the issue which involved him and his ex-fiance, Blac Chyna. Further, it was also believed that Rob's family must have been ignoring the entire drama since they have to deal with other more important things.

A report from E! News has confirmed that Rob has expressed his major regrets to his family with how he just recently acted. To update fans, Rob was accused by Chyna of posting her nude photos online. In return, his former partner has asked the court for a temporary restraining order that will prevent him from getting near Chyna and his child.

Upset of himself

As Rob Kardashian expressed his regrets for his acts, the Kardashian family has advised him to turn off his social media accounts until such time that he'll get back into his right mind. It has been believed that Rob was very upset at himself since he only acted out on certain things without having to think about the consequences.

The reality TV star daddy admitted that he was embarrassed by his own actions and accepted the fact that he needs to better himself for his son, Dream. Meanwhile, Robert Shapiro, Kardashian's lawyer, has also shared to the reporters that his client has voluntarily complied with the court orders. His lawyer has also apologized on his behalf and said that he felt regret for what he did.

Kardashians not pleased of the incident

An insider has told E! News that Rob has also talked to Kris Jenner, their family's matriarch. It was believed that Jenner has put him in his place where he felt regret for his actions. Meanwhile, she also added that his son won't be affected by the issues with Blac Chyna if he didn't do things like this. Reportedly, it was believed that his entire family chose to stay out of the trouble.

Further, the Kardashians were all not pleased with what he did. They also wanted to make sure that Rob learned his lesson by letting him deal with the problem on his own. Meanwhile, E! News further learned at least one of his sisters already had disliked Blac Chyna but his family could do nothing about their relationship.

When it comes to the issue, Rob Kardashian has denied many of the allegations made by his former partner as he spoke to his family.

As a reminder, Blac Chyna accused the reality TV star of hitting her back in April. However, Rob claims that he didn't hit her at all. Neither of the celebrities has been seen in the public since news of their conflict broke online.

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