The drama is high and all too real once again as Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna have another very public and scandalous fight on social media. On early Wednesday morning, Rob Kardashian posted a barrage of explicit photos of Blac Chyna on Instagram with captions that accused the reality star of cheating on him right inside their house. According to TMZ, his Instagram account has already been deactivated, but as expected, some netizens already had the screenshots. Just like his sister, Kim Kardashian-West, the 30-year old Kardashian has been known to publicly post his private issues on social media.

Basically, this premise is quite understandable since they are reality stars, but based on the reactions of the fans and other netizens, it appears that Rob Kardashian went way too far and crossed the line last night. According to People, the lawyer of the aggravated party is already trying to explore all legal remedies and repercussions to teach Rob Kardashian a lesson.

Disrespecting the mother of his child

Given the fact that Blac Chyna did cheat on him, a lot of fans, especially women, were still enraged by what he did to the 29-year old model. It was clearly public scandal and putting all those sensitive photos on Instagram is allegedly a violation of California's revenge porn act.

While Rob Kardashian's Instagram account was on fire, Blac Chyna opted to speak her thoughts on Snapchat, saying that her ex-fiance has been hitting her.

Just like Rob Kardashian's hate posts, Blac Chyna's post on Snapchat has also been taken down.

Aside from posting explicit photos of Blac Chyna, Kardashian also accused the mother of his child as a user of illegal substances. The onslaught of explicit photos and shocking allegations truly shook the Internet and fans of Blac Chyna were already crying foul, saying that it was very ungentlemanly of Rob to do such things.

Instagram scandal might be subject to criminal charges

People sought the opinion of a legal expert, Carrie Goldberg, attorney and founder of C.A. Goldberg PLLC, a law firm specializing in Internet abuse and sexual consent. Supporters of Blac Chyna believe that although there might be truth to allegations of cheating, public scandal and shaming is not the proper way to handle the matter.

If Kardashian's ex-fiance would push through with the charges, he might be facing jail time for six months and be obliged to pay charges set by the court. As of writing, reps for Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna have yet to give an official statement about the controversy.