From August 18 to 20, U.S. K-pop fans will experience the second Korean content concert and festival in the country held by KCON USA, KCON 2017 LA. Though it's more than a month away from happening, there is already plenty of hype built up for it. This is especially true for the performance lineup consisting of SF9 and Girl's Day, Vixx, Astro and NCT 127, Cosmic Girls, Heize, and Seventeen, and as of late K.A.R.D. and Wanna One.

Though it is evident attendees at any of the KCON events love Hallyu or the Korean Wave (especially K-pop), what does the rest of the U.S.

have to say? We will find out in the upcoming original variety show titled "Road to KCON" as dance troop The Koreos travel across the country to tackle missions and spread their love for K-pop.

What is "Road to KCON" all about?

"Road to KCON" is an original series presented by Toyota, the same company who is also presented KCON 2017 NY and will present KCON 2017 LA. In it, The Koreos, a popular K-pop dance troop, will make their way across the U.S. (in a Toyota C-HR of course) to different cities to participate in different "missions." They will be made in the same style and fashion as seen in popular Korean variety shows like "Running Man" and "Infinite Challenge."

Besides partaking in the fun missions, The Koreos will meet other Americans of different walks in life along the way.

Some of them avid K-pop fans and some of them not. Nevertheless, they will spread their love and support for K-pop wherever they go.

Who are The Koreos?

The Koreos are a K-pop dance cover team formed out of the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA). Founded in December 2014, they create dance covers of K-pop music videos, special stage dance performances, concept trailers, and other endeavors pertaining to Hallyu.

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Their leadership consists of Ellen Min (coordinator), Louis Pham (artistic director), Alex Nguyen (dance captain), Zenny Zhao (artistic advisor), Annie Hsu (administrative advisor), Susie Shu (production assistant), Jessica Dang (assistant leader), and Destiny Johnson (assistant leader).

At this moment, The Koreos' two most popular dance covers are the dances from the two music videos from Black Pink's debut album "Square One." "Whistle" is currently leading in popularity and is the only music video they have with over two million views.

Their second video is the other featured title song "Boombayah" in which it is just a little over 200,000 views behind the former.

"Road to KCON" is set to premier this summer just before KCON 2017 LA. It will run for a total of eight episodes lasting just under 10 minutes. It is planned that one episode will release per week with the finale airing at KCON 2017 LA on August 18 to 20. It can be viewed on KCON.TV but may appear on other platforms in the future.