30-year-old "The Bachelor" and "The Bachelorette" contestant Britt Nilsson spoke out about her struggle with bulimia and addiction. The starlet released a video on her YouTube channel titled "Addiction" on July 12th, 2017. Nilsson, who is from Michigan, talked about her ongoing battle with bulimia and expressed her fear that whilst starring on the TV shows, her problems would be revealed. Nilsson told viewers that her Eating Disorder and addiction problems stem from her childhood and she spoke candidly about experimenting with cocaine and other drugs while in college.

The star also revealed that she hid her eating disorder and constantly feared that someone would figure it out. She explained that her behavior was an ongoing cycle of binging, throwing up, and negativity.

Britt feared bulimia would be discovered whilst filming for TV shows

Nilsson starred on season 19 of "The Bachelor" in 2015, where she tried to win over Bachelor Chris Soules. However, the star's issues began to rear their head again during filming and she described her anxiety and fear that viewers would discover her eating disorder. Nilsson felt especially uncomfortable due to the amount of food that she was always surrounded by and she said that she felt "insecure" and not "pretty enough." The TV star shared openly with her YouTube viewers that she used to hide her microphone under towels so that nobody would hear her throwing up.

She said that a lot of her fear stemmed from having a microphone on her all of the time, resulting in no privacy. Nilsson also revealed that she couldn't stop throwing up every day, leading to frequent nosebleeds from damaged blood vessels.

Nilsson found true love off-screen

Despite appearing on "The Bachelor" season 19 and "The Bachelorette" season 11, Britt didn't find her match on either show.

In another video posted on YouTube, the star sat down with her fiancee, Jeremy Byrne, to talk about how they met. In a rather bizarre twist for the star, Nilsson had been set up with Byrne prior to starring on "The Bachelor" and "The Bachelorette." The two were set up by friends and began messaging each other before meeting in person.

After meeting in real life, the couple spent time together occasionally. Byrne recalls cutting Britt's hair before her stint on TV. Nilsson dated co-star Brady Toops for five months after "The Bachelorette" before getting back in touch with Byrne in 2016.

Britt and Jeremy announced their engagement on Instagram and YouTube in May.