Meg Ryan and singer John Mellencamp are back together, and it looks like this time it may be for good. Meg and John were spotted together recently enjoying some frozen yogurt and each other's company in Meg's favorite city, New York.

Will things finally work out for John and Meg?

The on-again-off-again (and now back on) pair look so into each other strolling the big city streets and taking in the sites. Both, dressed in all black, were photographed by Radar Online. John is pictured walking, talking, and smoking, while Meg, 55, appears to hang on his every word.

Mellencamp and Ryan just recently reunited after what they revealed was a nasty break-up.

John Mellencamp reveals he's hard to get along with

Meg and John found their way back to each other, oddly enough, just after Mellencamp confessed to Howard Stern during a recent interview that he still loved Meg, but believed she hated him "to death." John Mellencamp admitted that the couple's past problems were mostly all on him, revealing that he has the personality of a child. He went to describe himself, saying he was "moody and a complainer." He also added that he could throw quite the fit when things do not go his way.

Mellencamp (65) also admitted to Stern that he felt he and Meg would never be friends again.

The couple was together for 4-years when things went bad between them. However, one look at them today, and one would never believe any time had passed between these two lovebirds. According to RO, a source close to the couple claimed that John decided that he wants to move their relationship to the next level, talking marriage, which is huge for the rocker.

John and Meg broke up back in 2014 after a four-year relationship. At the time of their break-up a friend close to John revealed that he believed that the couple split because John felt he did not have enough privacy. The "Hurt So Good" singer hated all the attention that was being directed at him through Meg.

Another big issue between the two at the time was that Meg Ryan loves New York, and John loves his small Indiana town.

They just could not agree on where they would live, so it became a major problem. Meg wanted to stay in the city where she and her daughter have lived for ages, and John loves the quiet country boy life away from all the press.

However, it appears as if they have worked out all of their differences and that love is the only thing that matters. It may not be long before the two start planning a wedding if RO's sources are correct.

Do you believe it will last?