In "Pokemon GO" there is a way to select a particular type of Pokemon that you need to complete your Pokedex and/or get more candy to level up and evolve your creatures. To find a particular Pokemon near you, touch the bottom right of the screen, which will highlight those near. It is worth mentioning that you can see which creatures are closest to you on the bottom right of the screen. Another interesting thing to take into account is the number of Paw Prints when walking, as it will allow you to get closer to the Pokemon you want to catch.

According to some players on social media, each paw print represents a distance of roughly 100 meters away, allowing you to gauge how close they are.

The best ways to find Pokemon nearby and catch them quickly:

  • Select a target Pokemon.
  • Note the number of paw prints.
  • Start walking. If the number of paw prints increases, turn 180 degrees and walk in the opposite direction to decrease. When they go down, note the place where it happens but keep walking. Then, whenever the number of paw prints increases again, note the location.
  • Go to the intermediate point between (A) and (B), turn about 90 degrees and walk. At this stage, you will be heading directly to your target Pokemon, or you will be moving away from it; If the number of paw prints increases, turn 180 degrees and you will be in the right direction.

Other tricks we can use to find the best Pokemon:

  • Attract more Pokemon with objects, such as incense or Bait Modules at PokeStops.
  • Remember that there are certain Pokemon that only exist in specific places so that that grass type will appear in places such as green areas and parks, and rivers or oceans for water types.
  • To catch a rare and powerful Pokemon, you must increase the level of your trainer, which will increase the variety and difficulty of the Pokemon that you find. Luck and patience also play an important part, so keep exploring to see what you find and get.

Additional information:

While the “Pokemon Go” community is getting ready to celebrate the first anniversary of the game, new details continue to emerge on different social media.

According to new information revealed, it is very likely that Niantic introduces some of the rarest Pokemon in its first anniversary. It was announced that a rare Pikachu will appear at the celebration.

This is all the information known so far. Keep enjoying the game, and stay tuned for more updates as they become available.