Some "Pokemon GO" players recently discovered that hidden statistics mimic those of the original game, giving players an idea of a creature's rank according to its attack, defense, and stamina. It is useful if you want to build a team with different strengths and weaknesses, along with maximizing those stats to achieve the highest possible CP.

Next, we share with you, the best Pokémon for each statistic, revealed by The Silph Road portal. (Thanks to them and for the individual rankings and statistics, respectively.)

The best Pokemon according to their Attack

  1. Mewtwo is the strongest Pokemon in "Pokemon GO" with an attack of 330, the highest in the game.
  2. Alakazam has an attack of 271, ranking second.
  3. Ho-Oh is a great defender, with 263.
  4. Dragonite is still one of the best Pokemon in the game with a 263 attack.
  5. Espeon has some of the best all-around statistics.

The best Pokemon according to their defense

  1. Shuckle is the best defender of all Pokemon, with 396 defense, the best in the match.
  2. Steelix has a defense of 333, ranking second.
  3. Most of the “Pokemon Go” players know Lugia, it has a defense of 333.
  4. Clyster is still one of the best Pokemon defenders with 323 defense.
  5. Ho-Ho appears back in the second list with 301 defense, it may not have the best defense, but it is Highly-Valued by players.

The best Pokemon according to their Stamina (HP)

  1. Blissey has 510 Stamina, the highest ever seen in the game.
  2. Chansey is considered as one of the best creatures, it has 500 of HP, not bad.
  3. Wobbuffet one of the most wanted Pokemon in “Pokemon Go” with 310 HP, ranking third.
  4. Snorlax has 320 Stamina, ranking fourth.
  5. Wigglytuff has some of the best all-around statistics in the game.

Additional information:

There are clues that Lapras' general CP has increased with the addition of the second generation.

We left it as it was for now, but we will update if it is confirmed. An interesting fact to take into account is that these statistics change frequently with the new changes brought by each new update. We did not include the statistics of the Legendary Pokemon because they have not been introduced to the game yet.

It is very likely that the legendary creatures will be introduced in the next few months but not this month as people were thinking and speculating in the social networks. This is all the information known so far. Keep enjoying the game, and stay tuned for more updates as they become available.