The new and long-awaited "Pokémon Go" update has begun to generate some discontent in the vast majority of users of the Augmented Reality game. According to reports from some players on different social networks, the New Update launched in recent days by Niantic is presenting many Bugs.

However, Niantic developers argue that these bugs are small and that they are working on them to give a better service to the millions of users of "Pokémon Go". "It is very likely that a reduced number of players are having some inconveniences when visiting the renewed Gyms, our team is working hard to correct some failures that have been detected," said the Company's Developer Team.

The most common bugs are being presented specifically in the new Gyms and Raids. Apparently, these are not the only bugs in the game, Niantic has announced that it has a list of failures that have been occurring and that it has been supplying them to its Technical Developers so that they can fix them. Next, we share with you, new interesting details revealed about the latest issues in the new “Pokémon Go” update.

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Fixing on issues with Raids and Gyms

The possible technical bugs that are being presented in the Gyms System in the "Pokémon Go" app are still increasing. Android users also seem to be experiencing certain drawbacks with the new Gyms update. Recently, new bug reports on the new way to receive bonuses on Android devices have come to light.

Niantic has accepted that the new update is presenting certain bugs; however, the company has said that reports that have been coming out of Android users could rather be some kind of confusion on users. "Something that players must take into account is that the way of receiving the bonuses has changed, it is very likely that some users still do not handle this part well," said Niantic.

Additional information

It is worth mentioning that the new incursions will continue to appear randomly in the new gyms arranged in "Pokémon Go", with a complex system that divides the difficulty according to the type of egg that will give a level to the incursion and the Pokémon that will appear to fight.

With the new bugs in the new "Pokémon Go" update, it is very likely that the Release Date of the Legendaries is prolonged.

It has been rumored that Niantic has planned to release the legendary creatures after the recent Gyms System update.

This is all the information known so far. Keep enjoying the game, and stay tuned for more updates as they become available.

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