Stardust is often a forgotten resource in "Pokemon Go," due to the arrival of new candy, and the addition of other important elements in the Augmented Reality Game. However, it still plays an interesting role in the game, the decisions you make about its use mark the difference between a standard player and the best of all. This element is used in "Pokemon Go" to evolve and improve your Pokemon, strengthening your creatures as much as possible. It is a resource that as you move towards the middle and the end of the game, becomes more scarce, and it is more and more important to improve and evolve whenever possible.

The use of this item is also vital to calculate the maximum CP of your Pokémon, IV and potential strength in general, a basic mechanic if you want to get the most out of the game.

There are have been revealed many ways to get the Stardust and to improve your Pokemon to the best. Next, we share with you the best way to get this element in the augmented reality game and the way how to catch and improve your Pokemon.

How to get the best Stardust to improve your Pokemon?

Many “Pokemon Go” players have revealed several ways to get more Stardust and other exciting items in the game, but the quickest and easiest is to do so by catching Pokemon. Each creature captured gives you 100 Stardust along with 3 Pokemon Candies. As it is relatively easy to get Pokemon in the city centers and crowded areas, take the opportunity to go out and hunt.

The more distanced the Pokemon is, the more gratifying it will be. Another interesting fact to consider is the low-level areas for catching the weakest and most common Pokemon. Look for low-level areas for catching weaker Pokemon; these creatures are the easiest and the quickest to capture, so start collecting Pidgeys, Zubats, and Rattatas.

You may also want to know different ways to catch Pokemon easily and rapidly.

If you want to find certain Pokemon quickly, then use incense or bait modules so that you can get the most out of your grind session.

Additional information

If you think of large numbers, it is possible to capture around one Pokemon per minute. 100 Stardust by Pokemon, equals 3,000 Stardust in half an hour of walk, which is not bad at all. It is worth mentioning that new events are coming in the next day so get ready for many surprises.

This is all the information known so far. Keep enjoying the game, and stay tuned for more updates as they become available.

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