South Korean celebrated TV stars Song Joong Ki and Song Hye Kyo are now officially in a relationship. The former co-stars of “Descendants of the Sun," chose to deny their relationship in the past but their representatives have finally released statements citing the stars suggesting that they have decided to get married in October.

Joong Ki and Hye Kyo first featured in “Descendants of the Sun,” or “DOTS.” After seeing their onscreen persona, many media outlets speculated about their offscreen romance. However, they both chose to deny their association with each other.

Earlier this week, Blossom Entertainment and United Artist Agency, issued statements by the respective stars and revealed that they are in a serious relationship and will be holding a quiet wedding ceremony on the final day of October 2017.

The “DOTS” co-stars started their relationship as professional colleagues but eventually, they both clicked and realized that they were in love with each other.

Ki-Kyo’s recent trip to Bali

As reported by AllKop, there were rumors that the couple chose to spend some quality time together in Bali, Indonesia. However, Ki’s representing agency confirmed that the 31-year-old star went on the trip to Bali with his friends only and had no prior idea that his former co-star and rumored girlfriend was also going to be there.

The report from AllKpop confirmed after citing a reporter from Section TV, who was able to interview a staff member from the hotel, that the 35-year-old Hye Kyo was visited by a man who chose to hide his identity by wearing a face mask. According to the onlookers, the mysterious man stayed at the same villa.

DOTS’ co-star’s official statement

As reported by Soompi, in Joong Ki’s first official statement about his marriage, he first apologized to his fans, who were surprised to know that their South Korean star is going to marry Hye Kyo. He admitted in his open letter that he wished to divulge the news sooner but as his next feature film is scheduled to release soon, he decided to hold on to that information.

He further wrote in his statement that at the beginning of this year, he decided that he was going to spend the rest of his life with Hye.

Hye wrote in her statement that her feelings for her “DOTS” co-star grew slowly. After the K-pop drama ended, they both decided to stay in touch as friends but sooner than she expected, she fell in love with him. In the rest of her letter, she asked her well-wishers to bless her and love her just they way they have always loved her in the past.