As we all know, 4Th Of July is one of the most celebrated holidays in America. Not only does it depict a momentous event for the state but also on how celebrities spend them as well. Taylor Swift, the country songwriter turned pop superstar, has been known for her one of a kind 4th of July parties for the past years and in this year, fans are wondering why she did not throw one.

What happened to Taylor Swift?

Recently, Taylor Swift has been quiet on her social media accounts and her fans are just worried even more when she skipped her 4th of July party this year.

What happened to Taylor? Is she currently writing her next album or is she just taking some break from the toxic world of show business? Let's look back to her current activities and figure out why she has taken some time out.

She is still supportive of her friends

Her current Instagram posts express her support about her friends HAIM and Lorde. Despite being quiet and keeping things low, she still gives time for her closest friends. In an interview with the Guardian, Lorde describes her friendship with Taylor as having a friend with an autoimmune disease. Not long after, Lorde apologizes for the statement and assures that she values her friendships more than anything else.

She continues to make her fans happy

On June 9, 2017, Taylor Swift's music has returned to Spotify and streaming making millions of her fans happy. In celebration of 1989 selling almost 10 Million albums worldwide, the said move is her appreciation for her fans' continued love and support. With all that is happening, Taylor Swift still makes her fans' happiness one of her priorities.

She had gone through a lot of issues

With all the issues going on about Katy Perry's song "Swish Swish" and Taylor's ex-boyfriend Calvin Harris' recent rants, the normal thing a normal human would do is to strike back. However, Taylor is not normal. She is but an extraordinary human being with an extraordinarily kind heart. According to his tweet, Calvin apologizes for his tweet rant and Katy as well said in an interview with The Thrive Global Podcast, she forgives her and is sorry for all she had done.

So why did she skip her 4th of July party?

All in all, it seems that maybe she just wants some time to be alone and stay away from the eyes of the cameras. Her parties were always amazing and we kind of miss it but more than anything Taylor needs to find herself some peace and quiet. On why she did not throw one, we'll never truly guess the reason why but it is good to know that all the issues have dissipated. Someone as good as her for sure does not deserve rocks to be thrown at her.