If you thought the "Pretty Little Liars" series finale was dark enough, then you may be glad that the original ending didn't happen. According to Troian Bellisario, who played Spencer and Alex on the show, the series was going to finish much darker than it did. She admits that it may have angered fans even more, especially since fans weren't exactly happy with the Spencer twin storyline in the end.

Only Toby was supposed to know

When the "PLL" series finale was originally written, only Toby was going to learn the truth about Alex. The other Liars were going to be in the dark for the longest time, leaving fans to question Spencer's fate in the end.

Bellisario admitted that fans would have been extremely worried for one of their favorite characters and would have never forgiven I. Marlene King for such an ending.

Thankfully, the darker alternate ending was scrapped. Instead, the Liars learned the truth about Alex's identity and were able to save their friend from the dollhouse. Bellisario says that the newer ending--the one that fans got to see--was much better since Spencer and the other Liars got their happy endings. Alex sort of got a happy ending, by being with her mom.

Alex Drake wasn't originally A.D.

If you had your money on Wren as A.D., then you may be happy to hear that he nearly was the man behind the mask. King admitted that she was going to make the British doctor the villain of the story but later changed it for Spencer's twin sister.

Had the TV series actually been the book storyline, Wren would have likely been the killer. You can actually thank filming schedules and issues for the character change.

King knew that the chances of getting Wren back in the show for a short time was going to be difficult. It's always hard to get non-series regulars into specific storylines.

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That meant King had to look at the storyline again and figure out a more realistic option, so she wasn't left disappointed and struggling to get to a good conclusion. However, Wren was still involved in the final reveal, as he was the one to find Alex in London.

All the changes would have meant that Spencer and Toby may never have been intended for their happily ever after.

Instead, fans were overjoyed to learn that Spoby were officially back together in time for the "Pretty Little Liars" series finale.

What do you think about the way that the "PLL" series finale could have turned out to be? Would you have enjoyed it more had the alternate version made it to screens?