The fifth and final season of the popular television series, Orphan Black kicked off last month, and it immediately started off where the last season left off. Seven episodes have already been aired, and the series finally picked up the pace, gathering every important character that has appeared in the series as it draws near to the conclusion of the story.

Rachel’s vindication

The clone sisters have succumbed to Rachel Duncan’s new found power just to keep their loved ones alive, but the latest episode revealed that they’re finally taking a stand against the evil scientists who started everything.

“Orphan Black” season 5 episode 7, took viewers to Rachel’s past and revealed how she was treated as the first subject of the Dyad Institute’s experiment on clones, which was run by Dr. Aldous Leaky back then.

The series finally revealing Rachel’s story as a young subject for was something they needed to show to connect the present events. Dyad Institute has taken young Kira Manning and just like how Rachel started out, the little girl was already set to become another test subject for the further study on clones.

Rachel was blinded by the love she thought she was getting from Percival “P.T." Westmoreland but she realized she was just being used when she was told to undergo an unexpected examination.

In addition to that, she also found out that her new right eye was actually programmed to keep her in check.

Betrayed by the whole truth, Rachel, who was obviously torn at first for having to let her niece undergo the same horror she went through when she was a young girl, decided to save Kira. The short-haired clone devised a plan to get Sarah Manning to the Dyad Institute so she can take away a sedated Kira.

Shortly after helping Kira escape, Rachel sent the news clipping about Percival’s true identity to the board to tell them that he was a fraud. She also gouged her fake eye while Percival looked on through his surveillance gadget.

Cosima’s quest for the truth

In “Orphan Black” season 5 episode 7, Cosima Niehaus has finally returned to the city and had the young clone, Charlotte to escape with her.

During Cosima’s short and mind blowing trip at the island with the brainwashed survivalists, Cosima found out the secret behind Percival’s identity.

Apparently, Percival wasn’t who he claimed he was. Susan Duncan and Ira Blair’s joint efforts to save the Leda clones revealed to Cosima who Percival was, and he turned out to be a normally aging man named John Patrick Mathieson who was selfishly taking in the blood of young children to lengthen his life.

Susan, before she was murdered, also told Cosima that Dyad Institute was preparing to harvest Kira’s eggs and they already have 1,300 surrogates willing to bear the babies, who will become a new set of experiments for gene manipulation. The recent episode of “Orphan Black” also saw the return of Mark and Gracie Rollins, who are set to play huge roles in the next episode.