It's going to be Krystal vs Neolution in "Orphan Black" Season 5, Episode 6. Who do you think will win?

There are only a few episodes left but it seems that the cast and crew of "Orphan Black" have promising projects in mind. Read on for more details.

Kay-Bee Natural Beauty debuts on YouTube

In the latest "Orphan Black" spoilers, BBC America proved that they still have a lot of surprises in store for the fans. They recently uploaded a video starring Krystal (Tatiana Maslany) and her friend, Bree (Cara Ricketts).

Krystal and Bree introduced themselves while doing some funny antics onscreen.

It seems like they are in a middle of a makeup session with her glamorous look and Bree's unfinished hairdo.

They began by thanking everyone who is part of their account's 50,000 subscribers. The two felt hysterical due to the facts that people all around the world are watching their videos.

The clip unexpectedly followed the format of well-known beauty vlogs which confused the viewers. One user even pointed out that he began searching for their channel. Avid fans even shared that they will definitely subscribe to her channel if the network pushes through with a possible "Orphan Black" spinoff.

Krystal wants to stop big cosmetics

To everyone's surprise, Krystal puts on a serious front as she talked about her ongoing battle against big cosmetic groups.

She added that their fans give them the "strength and courage" they need to expose these beauty companies.

The LEDA beautician believes that the "Swedish company" Neolution and Estee Lauder are conducting experiments on human test subjects. Giving Krystal some points, she has a little bit of idea on what's going on but she still got a long way if she wants to become part of the Clone Club.

The good thing is that the upcoming episode will put the spotlight on Krystal and her brand-new mission. She is set to work alongside Beth Childs' former partner, Art (Kevin Hanchard).

Season 5 Episode 6 Spoilers

The network also shared a hot-pink poster in honor of Krystal's advocacy on Twitter. Going against a huge conglomerate might be a complicated task but she will definitely do it in style.

According to the synopsis, Krystal will channel her inner femme fatale when she sets up a meeting with a Tom Cullen look-alike. The video hints that the man knew some things about DYAD. She even had the guts to ask him if he sold his company to the mysterious facility.

In other news, we might see Alison's husband Donnie Hendrix on another show after the end of the series. "Orphan Black" cast member Kristian Bruun (Donnie) will star in the new TV series "Carter" from AXN.

The upcoming Canadian production will also include Jerry O'Connell, Sydney Tamiia, Sherry Miller and John Bourgeois.

O'Connell will play as an actor-turned-real-life detective who will return to his hometown after a scandal tainted his Hollywood career. As of now, there is still no update on Bruun's character in the show.

"Orphan Black" Season 5 Episode 6 "Manacled Slim Wrists" will air on Saturday, July 15, 2017, on BBC America.