There is no denying that Tatiana Maslany portrayed her roles in "Orphan Black" successfully. With 11 characters or who knows how many she already portrayed for the series, the show is now in its final installment. According to USA Today, Maslany said, “Got it all done in one show. Now there are no more characters to do!” It can be recalled that the Canadian thriller series centers around the story of cloning, which requires Maslany to play roles that have different personalities, citizenship, and upbringing.

'Orphan Black' The Final Trip

The upcoming and final season of "Orphan Black" will return on June 10, 2017.

Once again, the BBC series will feature Sarah Manning (Maslany) and her sister clones, fighting against the people who want them destroyed. Dyad Institute and the evil organization of Neolution are still persistent in conducting experiments to all clones. Disregarding that the clones now have their own lives, the earlier mentioned organization is headed by their fellow clone, Rachel Duncan. Well, yes, Maslany is again the one playing the role... just a character on the dark side.

Meanwhile, the above-mentioned source revealed how Maslany felt for Season 5. The 31-year-old actress expressed the scary feeling whenever she had to play another role again. This is because the fifth season is set to feature the appearances of several supporting clones but of course, the five core clones remain in action.

In fact, the Emmy-award winning actress shared what Sarah, Cosima, Alison, Helena, and Rachel will be into this upcoming season.

What to expect from the Clone Club

Alison Hendrix - She will continue to deal with how much her life has changed. The Hendrixes have been into lots of unimaginable things just to protect themselves.

However, she is still striving to keep it all together for her family.

Cosima Niehaus - Viewers may have remembered that Delphine (Évelyne Brochu) has entered the picture again before the previous season ended. Fans will soon find out if there is another chance for their romance. Also, the young scientist will continue to battle her illness and find a cure for it through science.

Helena - This Ukranian clone will take herself to another level as she deals with pregnancy. In addition, an episode will be featured as a tribute to Helena explaining why she is the way she is.

Rachel Duncan - The upcoming installment will reveal if she is really the big bad or a good pal. She is one of the clones, and despite being the head of sinister Neolution, there might still be a chance of redemption.

Sarah Manning - Her daughter Kira (Skyler Wexler) is the only important thing in her life. Now that she's at risk, leading her sisters may compromise her ways. Moreover, Sarah has been the protagonist viewers have wanted her to be since Beth Childs' death. “She’s always run away, she’s always been fighting responsibility, and so it makes her a really bizarre hero,” Maslany explained. Join the clone club and watch "Orphan Black" season 5 premiere episode this Saturday!