A week after the shocking death of Chester Bennington, his wife Talinda Bentley finally addressed the heartbreaking incident and revealed that her family went from being a "fairytale" to a "sick Shakespearean tragedy".

On Friday, Talinda released an official written statement to US Weekly about the heartbreak that her family is going through during this difficult time. The mother of three emotionally admitted that Chester's untimely death left her with a "shattered soul".

Talinda also said that the tragic incident took away her "soulmate" and her children's "hero." Now that Chester is gone, Talinda confessed that she doesn't know how to move on from this life-changing experience.

Although Chester's widow expressed her struggles to move on, she promised to do her best for the sake of their children. "How do I move on? How do I pick up my shattered soul? The only answer I know is to raise our babies with every ounce of love I have left."

Talinda also asked avid fans of Chester and Linkin Park as a whole to help keep the singer's memory alive and find comfort in the idea that he's now "pain-free singing his songs in all of our hearts."

She also reminded thousands of his fans to turn to one another when in pain, adding that Chester would've wanted something like that to happen.

Family wants a private funeral

Meanwhile, despite thousands of fans wanting to bid their final goodbye to Chester personally, the grieving family is reportedly keen on having an intimate memorial for close friends and family members.

According to TMZ, Bennington's family wants to spend their last moments with Chester away from prying eyes. However, sources noted that the family is still giving his fans a chance to honor the singer at a later date but might take a while as they haven't figured it out yet.

Chester might not be buried next to Chris

As for his burial place, the Linkin Park vocalist is unlikely to be buried next to Soundgarden's Chris Cornell, TMZ noted.

Apparently, Bennington's family will most likely pass on the opportunity despite the availability of the burial spot next to Cornell.

Sources revealed that the family feels like the Hollywood Forever Cemetery is too public. In addition, Chester's family fears that his resting place would become a shrine to mourning fans.

So far, no exact date of Chester's burial has been revealed yet. The family is yet to confirm if a public viewing will take place before or after his private funeral.