An all new episode of "Orphan Black" is airing next Saturday, and will feature a familiar face viewers know and love.

The next chapter of the series will star fan-favorite Krystal Goderich. We'll find out what she's up to now, and if she's still aiding the Leda cause.

Manicurist in action

Krystal Goderitch, although not a self-aware clone, has proved quite useful in helping her sestras in finding out vital information. The last we saw of her on the show, she helped unearth important details about what had happened to Dr. Delphine Cormier.

Back in season four, we saw her investigating what she thought was a makeup industry scandal caused by Dyad.

From watching the new promo, it looks like she's still investigating the company, but now she has the help of Beth's ex-partner, Art.

In the trailer for the new episode, we see her meeting a man in what looks like a hotel, and trying to find information about his company, "You sold your company to Dyad", she tells him. While in another scene we see her meeting Art in a car and sharing a file from her cell phone, possibly a voice note recording of her meeting with that man. The question is, what else is Krystal going to discover? Can she help the sestras out once again?

Meanwhile, the website ComicBookMovie released an episode summary that offers the possibility that Krystal may find out about her other sestras next weekend.

Will she finally believe the truth of who she is?

Not a murderer

Another character who's featured heavily in the trailer is Susan Duncan. This time we see her and PT looking at each other in a rather suspicious way, while the voice over in the background explains with Susan's voice, "I should have killed her when I had the chance." Who is she referring to?

Could Virginia Coady be coming back for revenge? Or could she be talking about Rachel or Mud?

At the end of the trailer we see Susan talking to Ira, he tells her that she's not a murderer, while she ominously answers him, "No, I'm everything but." Could this mean Susan is ready to get her hands bloody? Will she risk it and do her best to protect Cosima?

After all, she does warn Ira that the person who can help with his cure is the one currently locked up in the basement. This could be what finally leads her to act out of her comfort zone.

A trapped scientist

The promo video also shows us Cosima still locked up in Westmoreland's basement. She pleads with Mud, going for her empathetic side, "You know what he's doing to my niece" she says, but Mud doesn't seem to care, telling her that she will not free her.

According to the episode summary from ComicBookMovie, it seems Westmoreland will frame Cosima for the murder of Yanis, and this could lead to Mud not wanting to help release her. Could this be true? If so, what will happen to Cosima?

What's up with Kira?

Another small segment of the promo brings us a sour surprise: we see Sarah talking to Mrs. S and telling her Kira is sick. This scene could go two ways: either Kira is actually sick (could it be related to the LIN28A gene and/or the tests?), or it's all part of her family's new plan to escape Dyad and Rachel. Either way, it looks like Rachel is going to be affected by it since we also see PT asking her why Kira's not at Dyad with her yet. Are we about to see a new showdown between Rachel and Sarah?

Find out on the next episode of "Orphan Black". Episode six is titled "Manacled Slim Wrists", and it will premiere on Saturday, July 15th on BBC America and Netflix.