This NBA offseason has been incredibly interesting as many teams have made huge moves which changed the league. Cleveland Cavaliers have had their fair share of excitement as this summer completely changed their team. After a heartbreaking loss against the Golden State Warriors in the NBA Finals, the Cavaliers reinvented themselves and they've become a much better team.

After a long summer, many ups and downs, Cleveland is finally ready for another NBA season. Unfortunately, they had to waive Edy Tavares in order to sign Dwyane Wade, their latest addition to the roster.

The Cavaliers were not allowed to sign Wade without waiving one of their players, and it was Tavares who got the short end of the stick.

The crazy offseason

The offseason started really badly for the Cavaliers as they decided to let David Griffin go. Griffin was their general manager and he did a great job for the franchise. However, the Cavaliers did not extend his contract and it caused a lot of frustration for LeBron James.

Shortly after, Kyrie Irving requested a trade as he didn't want to play alongside James. Irving wanted to be the first option and he was tired of playing in LeBron's shadow. The Cavaliers traded him to the Boston Celtics, and surprisingly, they improved with this move. In exchange for their point guard, Cleveland received Isaiah Thomas, Jae Crowder, Ante Zizic and two valuable draft picks.

After the trade, things started going well for Cleveland as they also signed former MVP Derrick Rose. The concluded the offseason by bringing Dwyane Wade to the team, which was one of the biggest signings of the summer. Wade was signed to a one-year minimum contract and there is no doubt he will be one of the major contributors for the Cavaliers next season.

Adding the three-time NBA champion to the team made the Cavaliers much stronger and they now have a good chance of winning another championship.

Edy Tavares in Cleveland

Tavares was drafted by the Hawks in 2014, but he hasn't spent much time playing in the NBA. He played one game for the Hawks last year and one game for the Cavaliers.

The center signed a multi-year deal this year with Cleveland. He was signed to a three-year contract that would last until 2019. He was signed just before the playoffs starter and the second year of the contract was worth just under $1.5 million, while the third year would get him $1.6 million. However, his contract was not guaranteed so it was easy for the Cavaliers to let him go.