This past weekend a new episode of "Orphan Black" aired, making it the fifth episode of the show's final season.

(Spoiler Warning: #Season 5 spoilers ahead.)

The new episode explored the conflict at heart of the show, going back to its beginnings and showing us what our dear clones are fighting for: autonomy and ownership of their bodies. In order to do this, this chapter delved deeper into Neolution's science, with our favorite science geek, Cosima, at the front and center.

"Ease for Idle Millionaires", as the episode is titled, represented a charged 42 minutes of good television.

Now that more secrets have been revealed, the stakes are getting higher once again.

While the community of Revival was in a frenzy over the "bear" attacking its members, Westmoreland held a dinner party at his house. PT invited Susan, Rachel, and Delphine to celebrate their breakthrough. Cosima, being the brave soul that she is, invited herself to the dinner, making it a very tense dinner party and the scenario where we learned most of this episode's revelations.

Trouble in paradise

The first scene of the episode gives us a clue of what it will be about. We find Cosima at the island's lab studying the tooth she found in the woods.

She falls asleep and remembers when she was investigating her genetic code: the moment she found out she is "intellectual property". This flashback is what sets the tone for what's to come ahead. As we can see in the episode, the sestras' fight for their autonomy has just turned even trickier.

So, what went down in episode five?

In this episode, we finally find out what Rachel, Westmoreland, Delphine, and Mrs. S have been doing, and how it all connects. And oh, it's one bumpy ride.

The clinical and the humane

In continuing her search for the truth, Cosima discovered what Westmoreland, Susan, and Rachel have been planning all along. It all goes back to Yanis, the "monster" in the woods, who in reality was a boy they found in a Latvian orphanage.

The child had "remarkable healing abilities," which is why they singled him out and used him for their experiments. He was the first person they found with the LIN28A gene, also known as "the fountain of youth gene." With their experiments, they managed to synthesize the gene and put it in the Leda genome, but alas, our clones don't have the gene. But as the Neolution leaders have seen, the gene is present in the next generation, Kira and Helena's babies.

The LIN28A gene is important because it's the one that has given Kira her healing abilities. It's the same one her spiny mouse has, which explains why it has been able to heal faster. Back at Dyad, Dr. Aldous Leekie was also studying the gene's connection to skin and organ regeneration.

So, now their plan is this: harvesting Kira's eggs and implanting them in the 1300 subjects Rachel has just recruited. This will serve them to confirm if the trait is hereditary. And if it is, PT Westmoreland will get what he has wanted all along...accelerated healing abilities, which in turn will bring him one step closer to extending his life.

This plan raises some big moral arguments, and Cosima is the one who confronts Westmoreland and Susan about it. She reminds Susan of the fact that Kira is only a little girl, something the Neolution team does not care about. In this episode, they have made quite clear how far they are willing to go to further their own personal agendas: Rachel, in love with the idea of being the only good and humane clone, hurts her own mother (again) to assert her power, and Westmoreland keeps exploiting everyone in his path in order to escape death.

Cosima, who used to be heartbroken about the fact that they owned her and her sestras, has learned alongside Delphine, that they can never take away her Humanity. This is something she demonstrates to Westmoreland at the end of the episode when she refuses to shoot Yanis.

What else did we find out in this chapter?

  • PT is sick, which is why he's obsessing over the LIN28A gene in particular. We still don't know what he's sick with, or how much time he has left.
  • Cosima found out one of the biggest secrets Westmoreland has been hiding... the fact that he's not what or who he says he is...he's not actually 170 years old.
  • Despite Westmoreland's effort to try and divide them, we still got a beautiful Cophine scene. The pair laid out on the table their trust issues and decided to continue their relationship, not despite what they have been through, but because of it. Cosima said it best when she told Delphine,"This is what we do, I push too hard and you do things without my consent, that's our relationship."
  • Delphine tells Cosima that all of this time she has been "playing along" with Neolution. She explains that she's been collecting samples for Westmoreland, but that she's also been secretly helping Mrs. S get to the bottom of everything. She had to rush out of the island in order to meet Felix and Adele in Geneva so they can continue their plans.
  • Mrs. S, Scott and Hell Wizard have been investigating and connecting the dots between the history of Neolution's members. Siobhan suspects Westmoreland is a fraud, and so they are looking at his past in order to understand the present.
  • Sarah and Kira stayed home this time. They talked about what's been going on, with Sarah updating her daughter on everything, so she doesn't feel left out anymore. While Kira took the time to explain to Sarah how her mental connection with the sestras works.

  • Aisha, the little girl in Revival who has cancer, has not been cured. They have been treating her with gene therapy and manipulating her tumor. This is another key in the LIN28A puzzle.

What's next?

We still have some questions left, and more secrets to be revealed.

Episode five brought a lot of important information to light, but it left us with a big cliffhanger to deal with.

At the end of the episode, we see Cosima trying to protect Yanis, only to end up trapped in his cage after Westmoreland shoots him. Who will save our favorite "science monkey"?

Additionally, this episode brought to the surface other questions that still need answering, such as:

  • Is Ira finally glitching? Will they give him the cure on time?
  • Is Cosima truly cured? We saw her coughing again in this episode, and hiding behind her scarf. Could it be a regular cough or something more?
  • Who is the person helping Mrs.S? Near the end of the episode she receives a visit from Delphine, and it's revealed that she's not Siobhan's only helping hand. Who is "Deep Throat"? It sounds like it's someone Siobahn is not very fond of. Could it be a character we have already met?

There are five more episodes until the end, and one thing is for certain, this "final trip" will only get more intense as the season goes on.

An all new episode of "Orphan Black" airs next weekend, July 15th, on BBC America and Netflix. Episode six is titled "Manacled Slim Wrists."