A new episode of the popular sci-fi series, 'Orphan Black', aired this past weekend. In said chapter, the show finally answered some of the mysteries featured this season.

This last episode was titled "Let the Children & Childbearers Toil", and it marked the fourth episode of the fifth and final season of the acclaimed tv series.

(Spoiler Warning: #Season 5 spoilers ahead.)

Sarah gets a surprise

This week we got to see Siobhan and Sarah go undercover in order to find more information on Westmoreland and Neolution.

Disguised as a psychologist and her assistant respectively, the mother-daughter duo entered a mental hospital to question a former Neolution defector.

Viewers of the show received a surprise (along with our protagonist Sarah Manning), when it was revealed that the defector was none other than Dr. Virginia Coady, who was thought to be dead. As the duo questions Virginia, we find out that she was hidden at the hospital by Susan Duncan.

The story is that Duncan and Westmoreland recruited Coady to work with them. Although they all shared the same mission regarding issues of evolution, genetics and human cloning, they never agreed on the mediums to be used (like Susan later tells Ira). Before they found Kendall Malone (Siobhan's mom and "The Original"), they had found a boy with the "perfect genome." Coady and Westmoreland, never ones to be "soft," went too far with their experiments and ended up turning the boy into a monster.

However, Susan, who has shown she cares far too much about her subjects, was never happy about what had been done to him, so when she had the chance she took Dr. Coady, drugged her, and sent her to a mental hospital so that Westmoreland could never find her.

Back on the island

Later in the episode, we see Cosima sneaking around the island and discovering that the boy who was experimented on is now the creature that lives in the woods terrorizing the members of Revival.

In this episode, we also see Susan Duncan making progress on her recovery, and once again making an alliance with Westmoreland so they can continue their experiments. The catch this time is that Rachel is the one in charge, and Westmoreland has no idea that Dr.

Coady is alive.

The rest of the gang

One of the best scenes of this week's episode features fan favorite Helena sharing a heartwarming moment with her twin sister.

Before Sarah goes on her hospital mission, she and her mom take a detour to visit Helena at the convent where she is hiding. The sestras talk about Kira and Sarah gets to air her worries. This scene shows us great character development from both sides, as for the first time we see Manning getting her feelings and worries off her chest, while Helena consoles her and gives her advice.

On the other hand, we see Kira being goaded by her mom, who's asking questions about what Rachel has been doing to her.

After Sarah sees her hurt arm, Kira confesses to cutting herself in order to find out more about her healing abilities.

While Sarah and Siobhan are sleuthing about at the hospital, Felix takes care of Kira, warning her not to trust Rachel too much. Kira, who is turning into a smart and tough pre-teen, reveals that all she wants is to get information to help her mom and her aunts.

This past chapter we get to see Felix's biological sister, Adele, once again. This time she finally knows what's going on (thanks to Mrs. S), and she's ready to help her brother out. The plan is that the pair of siblings will travel to Europe to "follow the money" left by Neolution's trail, something Adele is good at.

It seems that 'Orphan Black' is sending some of its most popular characters away little by little. First Alison and now Felix. Fans are left to wonder, is this a way to leave some players out of harm's way? Or is it simply the method being used to focus the plot on the clones and the mysteries surrounding them? One thing is for sure, we'll find out more as the final season develops.

The following episode will air next weekend, July 8th, on BBC America and Netflix. Episode five is titled "Ease for Idle Millionaires."