Now that "Orphan Black" is on its last season, the stakes are getting higher which each new episode. Last week, things slowed down for a bit in an episode that mostly focused on catching fans up on the Hendrixes. But next week, things seem to be heating up.

The promotional images for episode four have been released, and from the looks of it, next chapter promises to be an intriguing one, to say the least.

Could it be that Sarah Manning is slipping into her past as a "con-artist" and a "thief" once again? What for this time?

Mom and daughter go undercover

The new episode is titled "Let The Children and Childbearers Toil", and it is the fourth one of the show's fifth and last season.

The name of the episode hints at a possible parent-child connection, making you consider if it could be related to Sarah Manning and her mom (they are both featured in the promo pictures and the episode description), or any of the other similar relationships on the show.

According to the released summary for the episode, next Saturday, Sarah and her mom (also known as Siobhan or Mrs. S) will go Undercover, as part of their new plan to escape Neolution's grip. This scheme is set to be a risky one since it involves investigating someone who was previously connected to Neolution. According to the episode description, things will go a different way than they previously planned and they will encounter an old familiar face.

Who could this be?

A few of the released images show Sarah with a cut face (how did she get hurt?) saying goodbye to Kira once again. She could be giving Kira a farewell for one of two reasons: either Kira is about to see Rachel again, or Sarah is about to leave for her undercover job.

Either way, it doesn't look like a happy occasion.

Meanwhile, a different picture shows us a half-smiling Helena. This last image has led the fans to speculate if maybe Sarah and Mrs. S have finally found her.

A horrible discovery

The fourth episode takes us back to the creepy island where Cosima is staying at.

It looks like our favorite scientist will be investigating what P.T Westmorland and his followers are hiding.

The show's official Twitter page hinted that Cosima might find out something "sneaky and ethically unsound." Meanwhile, the episode summary describes her as making a "terrible discovery." What could it be about? Could it be about the clones? Or could it be about the monsters hiding in the woods? Whatever it is, it doesn't sound good at all.

Here's to hoping next week's chapter brings us more answer than questions.

You can watch "Orphan Black's" next episode on Saturday, July 1st, via BBC America or Netflix.

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