Tarek El Moussa, the real estate agent who co-hosts HGTV’s Flip or Flop” has been visible on social media recently. He has been posting photos of his children with Christina El Moussa. The father of two’s posts displays how he treasures and takes care of what is left of his union with co-host and ex-wife Christina El Moussa.

The former couple separated late last year after a gun incident that resulted from the couple’s miscommunication. Police were called to their residence as the home designer feared that her then husband might commit suicide.

Tarek said that he was just out in the woods to breathe fresh air and the gun was merely for protection.

Tarek wants to be the best parent to his kids

People reported that Tarek filed for divorce in January after seven years of marriage. He asked for spousal support from his wife and they agreed to co-parent their two children. The home flipper told Us Weekly that his goal in life right now is to be the best dad to his two children. The “Flip or Flop” star wrote on Instagram that fatherhood is not easy because it needs patience, love, understanding, and hard work to become an effective one. He added that what he does for them today will affect their lives. He also shared his goal which is to become a teacher, be the best dad, and friend.

Christina moved on from Tarek a few months after the split. She is currently in a relationship with the man she used to date before she married her ex-husband. He is Doug Spedding, a 55-year-old auto dealer in Orange County.

Reality show continues despite Tarek and Christina El Mussa divorce

Despite the separation, the former couple agreed to continue working for their show that is currently competing in the television rating's race.

The reality show was a result of their financial losses in the 2000s when the real estate market crashed. The couple bought distressed and foreclosed homes and Christina redesigned them while her husband did the construction. The rest was history.

At the present time, the estranged couple continues to work as hosts and the initial episodes showed audience acceptance of their situation.

If their kids are the only ones that bind them, their program continues to provide them with professional and financial growth. Life and flipping goes on for the ex-couple despite their controversial divorce. After all, their rise to fame literally started from scratch. “Flip or Flop” airs every Friday at 9 p.m. on HGTV.