Bobbie and carly do not like Nell because she reminds them of themselves at that age. The two women are determined to keep Nell away from Michael at all costs. Sonny tells Carly he will support her no matter what. Felicia, however, warns Bobbie that the plan to break up the couple could backfire, and Nell and Michael could grow closer.

The sight of Nell with Michael causes his mother and grandmother great anguish

The old saying that "It takes one to know one" is certainly true in the case of Nell, Carly, and Bobbie on "General Hospital." The reason Michael's mother and grandmother feel so much anguish when they see him with Nell is that she reminds the two women of how they were at the same age.

Both were schemers and manipulated men for their own purposes. The very sight of the woman who gave Joslyn a kidney brings great anguish to Joss' mom and grandmother.

On Thursday, Sonny figures out that Carly is only pretending not to hate the woman who almost destroyed their marriage, and encourages her to do what she has to do to protect their son from the woman he is smitten with. Felicia agrees to do some super sleuthing and find out what skeletons are hiding in Nell's past. She warns her friend Bobbie to be careful and not to push Michael too hard to leave Nell because it may bring them closer together.

Carly and Bobbie are the duo from hell

Bobbie was a prostitute in her younger life and Carly's father was one of her customers. Carly was adopted and later came to Port Charles for revenge.

She slept with Bobbie's then-spouse Tony Jones to seek revenge on her mother. When Carly found out she was pregnant by A.J. Quartermaine she initially lied that his brother Jason was the child's father. She later married Sonny Corinthos and allowed him to officially adopt her son Michael.

Mr. and Mrs. Corinthos spent decades trying to keep Michael from his biological dad.

Now, mother and daughter have met their match with Nell -- who drugged Sonny and allowed him to believe they slept together. She then went out of her way to make sure Carly found out. The lie almost caused Carly and Sonny to divorce

Michael has forgiven Nell but his mom, dad, and grandmother still blame her for al the problems she caused. Bobbie shared the story with Felicia -- whose opinion of the young girl has now been influenced by her good friend's version of the situation.

Stay tuned to find out what dirt Felicia can dig up on Nell, and whether or not Carly and Bobbie will be able to break the couple up.

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