Today's episode of "General Hospital" indicated just how important precise timing can be. For weeks now, Nelle has allowed everyone to believe she slept with Sonny. This caused a rift between the mob boss and his wife Carly. Today Nelle comes clean to Sonny. She confesses that she drugged him, undressed him and placed him in his bed. She then undressed herself and climbed in beside Sonny, but there was no hanky panky. While Nelle is bearing her soul, Carly is in bed with ex husband Jasper Jax.

Too little too late

Sonny is livid to find out that this young girl has pulled a fast one on him.

As they are talking, Sonny's son Michael shows up. Mr. Corinthos relates to his namesake the big reveal Nelle just dropped on him. All the while his estranged wife is getting cozy with Jasper Jax. By the time Sonny shows up on Carly's door with the good news, it's too late. He is going on about how there is nothing standing in the way of their reuniting, as Carly is about to take wine upstairs to her ex, whom she just slept with. So it looks like there indeed is a hurdle keeping Sonny and Carly apart.

Mrs. Corithos was very unforgiving when she believed Sonny had cheated on her with her personal assistant. She was more upset that Sonny kept the truth from her than she was that he had committed adultery.

Now with the tables turned, will Sonny easily forgive and forget, or will he be done with his wife, and walk away from his marriage? Perhaps Carly will revert to prior behavior, and will keep the deed from her spouse, the very thing he did to her. "GH" fans are up in arms because of the way this played out, but that's the stuff of good daytime drama.

The love triangle

While in bed, Carly and Jax basically admitted that this was a one time hookup. Now that Carly knows the truth, will she feel too guilty to make up with her spouse? Will the truth that Sonny never cheated on her cause Carly so much guilt that she runs straight into the arms of her former husband? Carly is impulsive, and often acts before she thinks.

The fact that she forgave Jax so quick for how he obtained a kidney for Joselyn, and jumped into bed with him is suspect. She put Sonny through the ringer, but quickly turned the other cheek with Jasper.

The love triangle between these three has been going on for years. Carly runs back and forth between these two men as often as possible. So viewers who were looking for a Sonny/Carly reunion must wait a little longer. This tangled web keeps getting bigger, with no resolution in sight.