O.J. Simpson has been granted parole after nine years in the prison. The decision has been made final by the Nevada Board of Parole on Thursday at the Lovelock Correctional Center. A report from Entertainment Tonight has revealed that Simpson appeared during the live video teleconference together with the board of parole commissioners. Further, Arnelle, Simpson's eldest daughter, was also seen during the hearing as she showed her support for his father.

To recall, Simpson has been convicted of a case in Las Vegas robbery and was sentenced to several years of imprisonment.

Hence, being granted a parole is a dream come true the former Actor. Meanwhile, Connie S. Bisbee, Tony Corda, Adam Endel and Susan Jackson were the commissioners who have handed down the final decision over his kidnapping, robbery, and burglary charges.

Release from prison

Amid the news, Simpson was happy as he learned that he would finally be released from prison in October. During the hearing with the parole commissioners, he revealed that he already had lived a simple life during his stay in the correctional. He shared that he has tried staying away from conflict in the entire years of his life inside the prison cell. Hence, he believed that the time has come for him to live a normal life finally.

He also added that he tried to become the peacemaker of all his inmates inside the cell.

In line with this, Simpson revealed that he just wanted to spend the remaining years of his life with his family. He also revealed that he would no longer involve his life in the different shows on TV. Hence, he promised that he would only choose to live a low-key life.

As he ended his statement, Simpson added that he was very honored with the verdict from the commissioners.

Three-count charges

Despite the fact that Simpson has spent years of his life in the correctional, he still believed that he is a good person. He revealed that he might have certain problems with his married life before, but he shared that he is a good person and he only wanted nothing but the best for his family.

The former actor has been convicted of three counts of charges that had involved him previously. He was accused of the use of deadly weapons, kidnapping case, as well as with robbery and assault. Nevertheless, he added that he already had paid those mistakes in his entire life.

Meanwhile, back on July 2013, Simpson was granted parole during his first hearing, but he was required to serve a minimum of five years before he’ll be granted with such privilege. Hence, he started to comply with his verdict. Eventually, Simpson was a lot thankful when the Board of Parole has finally granted his request to be out in prison really soon.