In her role as the Atomic Blonde, Charlize Theron made it clear what she is capable of. Aside from her Oscar award-winning performance as a serial killer in the film "Monster," Theron opened the possibility for her to be the first female James Bond. However recent news states that she rejected the idea of being a James Bond out of her respect to Daniel Craig.

According to the actress, stealing the role of the iconic character James Bond isn't an easy thing. This rumor started to spark when it was announced that Jodie Whittaker is the is the 13th doctor in the "Doctor Who" and the first female to take the role.

Theron on dating as a single mom

As reported, Charlize Theron has a new man in her life whose identity is not yet revealed as she likes to keep it private. However, as a Single Mom of two lovely kids, things could be different according to her. Aside from the complexity of dating in the Hollywood, the "Atomic Blonde" said that she must take into consideration her kids in choosing the right man.

Theron shared to Howard Stern her dating experience with this new guy. Theron said they had an incredible date despite the trouble they had to go through to keep it private. She also adds that she felt safe with this new man in her life and that he impressed her.

The 41-year old actress also mentions how romantic their private date was.

She said that they went for a hike in the middle of the night just to avoid some popular Los Angeles hotspots. She also added that it was a full moon at that time making it more romantic. Theron also mentioned how she felt so safe and that she enjoyed it so much because her young beau is really funny.

When Theron was asked about the physical features of the man she dated, the actress simply replied that she doesn't care about physical appearance anymore.

She insisted that the man she is looking for is someone who could be a potential vibe to her son and daughter.

Charlize Theron on gaining weight for film roles

It is never new for actors to gain or lose weight in order to fit in their acting roles especially women. For Theron, she said she enjoyed it, and that she is fascinated with the idea of being able to eat anything she wants.

It can be noted that this is the first time Theron dates another guy after her breakup with Sean Penn. She also said that before she introduces this man, she is dating to her children she must make sure first that they'd get along, which according to her, would take a long time and that they need to wait.