O.J Simpson is currently at his parole hearing and experts appear to think that this time he is going to be released. The 70-year-old man was sentenced to 33 years in prison for a series of crimes in 2007. His crimes included theft and armed robbery among other charges. This is not the first time that Simpson has applied for parole but with his history of good behavior and a prior victim testifying on his behalf, the court may very well rule in his favor.

A sentence of 33 years

O.J Simpson may have been acquitted of murder back in 1995 but the former NFL star was arrested on several other charges and sentenced to a total of 33 years in prison.

His sentences were given in 2007 when he was involved in a confrontation at a Los Angeles hotel. Back in 2007, Simpson and a group of men rushed into a hotel room where they confronted two sports memorabilia collectors. According to the BBC, O.J stole some of the memorabilia stating that they belonged to him.

Simpson referred to this incident during his parole hearing and stating that he was in no way violent to the collectors. He said that he was simply trying to reclaim some of his possessions and in no way meant to commit a crime. Simpson told the members present at the parole hearing that the possessions were in fact found to legally belong to him. He added that he deeply regretted his actions.

He also added that the objects he was promised during that fateful day were images of his family and friends. O.J added that these objects he was arrested for were then later handed over to him by the police. The criminal stated that it seemed nonsensical to him that the items were given to him after he was arrested for them.

Experts think that Simpson has a good chance of being released

According to the BBC, experts believe that O.J Simpson has a good chance of being released on parole. Simpson has had a long history of good behavior at Lovelock prison. Simpson has also taken part in a course since his last parole hearing which was titled "an alternative to violence".

It appears that Simpson has taken the previous advice given to him on board.

Fromong, a victim of Simpson's actions, also spoke on behalf of O.J Simpson and stated that Simpson has never held a gun for him. He said that he believes Simpson made a terrible mistake and has paid for that mistake. He has testified on behalf of O.J and boldly stated that if Simpson asked to be collected in the morning he would be there to do so.

The parole hearing of O.J Simpson is ongoing. As of yet, it is unknown as to when the public will be notified of the court's decisions. While some think that the 70-year-old is going to qualify for early release others are skeptical about the decision. Further information will become available as the hearing develops.

As the parole hearing came to an end this evening, it has been announced that O.J Simpson has been granted parole.