The "Big Little Lies" actress, Nicole Kidman, has shared some details about the miniseries that is to be aired on HBO for a second season. She honestly revealed that she feels being anguish while filming for her character as Celeste Wright. According to Kidman, she went home quiet and threw a rock onto their door due to her anger. She has been moved by her role and even got some bruises after they did some of its violent scenes.

Abused wife

As "Big Little Lies" continues for another season, Kidman has been blessed to continue her role in the series.

However, despite being blessed with work, Kidman couldn't hide the anguish that she felt when portraying her character as an abused wife.

In one of her interviews with Hollywood Reported, the actress confirmed that she felt being humiliated after doing some of its brutal scenes. Kidman’s' character as Wright, is known as an abused housewife and has been thrown by her husband on the floor for a couple of times.

She further revealed that doing the final scene wasn't an easy thing for her. When they did the last sex scene, Kidman felt devastated wherein she remembered being lied on the floor after being thrown around by her husband. She was apparently controlling her anger considering that it is only part of her role in the series.

She was left with bruises and was totally feeling the pain emotionally.

Feeling grateful

Despite the scenes that she did for "Big Little Lies" Season 2, the actress is still grateful for being part of the series. Aside from being one of the series' casts, Kidman also serves as one of the executive producers of the show. In one of her interviews from Entertainment Tonight, the actress revealed how amazed she was for everything that has been happening to her.

Meanwhile, despite being busy with work, Kidman sees to it that she can still give time to her husband. Just recently, the actress has graced the awards show in order to support her husband, Keith Urban. Urban took home some awards with his latest video "Blue Ain't Your Color."

Her husband got the awards as "Video of the Year" and "Best Collaborative Video of the Year" for "The Fighter" which he did together with Carrie Underwood.

As for the upcoming season of the HBO's miniseries, Kidman revealed that they are working on it right now. She added that they would do everything they can in order to dig out the kind of character that each of them will portray in the series. Without a doubt, Kidman is indeed both a great actress and a supportive wife.