The next "Bachelor" candidate hasn't been decided yet, but time is counting down as rachel lindsay's season of "The Bachelorette" nears the end. Her final three are Bryan Abasolo, Peter Kraus, and Eric Bigger. She said a sad goodbye to Dean Unglert after hometown dates Monday night. At this point in the game, many are wondering which of Rachel's finalists will make the cut for the next "Bachelor" lead.

Rachel the jealous type?

Rachel Lindsay isn't one to shy away from revealing how she feels and is honest when asked about her feelings. She gave a surprise response when asked by Entertainment Tonight what she thinks of the runner-up from her season becoming the next "Bachelor."

[If you haven't read any spoilers for Lindsay's season, stop reading now.

The winner and runner-up will be named after this point.]

Lindsay was asked about Peter Kraus' high school yearbook and the dreams he had of eventually becoming "The Bachelor." She thinks the fact he's on "The Bachelorette" should suffice for fulfilling his dreams. Being the next one to find love in the franchise, however, isn't something she's keen on. The 31-year-old attorney from Dallas admits that she's "slightly possessive over the men that were on my season," and knows Peter would make an ideal lead given the fact he's a "great guy" and is quite the looker. It doesn't mean she wants to see him get the lead slot, however.

Rachel shared that she has no desire to see "any" of the men from her season become the next "Bachelor." She suggests the producers and fans "find someone from JoJo [Fletcher's] season."

Although Rachel Lindsay gets engaged to Bryan Abasolo, she doesn't want any of the men from her season being the next one to find love in 2018.

Does this make her the jealous type?

Fans would "grow" to like Bryan if he was picked

Rachel said something interesting regarding Bryan Abasolo. Without giving away the spoiler that the two are currently engaged, Rachel was asked if it's surprising to her that the idea of Bryan being the next "Bachelor" isn't as popular with fans.

She said she's "not surprised" since she felt that way in the beginning about him when her guard was up. she believes fans would grow to enjoy Bryan as the lead if he was chosen. She said it took her time to "fall into" the feelings for him that she did. Luckily for her, she doesn't need to worry about such a thing happening since he's the one she picked and the two are now engaged.

Are you surprised Rachel feels so strongly about who shouldn't be the next "Bachelor?"