rachel lindsay's season of "The Bachelorette" is almost over and she and her fiance must contend with one obstacle throughout the season besides sneaking around to see each other -- Monday nights! One thing that is challenging for stars of "The Bachelor" and "The Bachelorette" is to have the winner of the show see them kiss other suitors while watching the show. It's not easy on any of them.

Those dreadful Monday nights

How's the winner of Rachel's season handling this season? She tells Entertainment Tonight that the man she's engaged to is very strong and takes everything in stride despite the fact that it's "difficult" for him to watch "The Bachelorette" every week.

“I would prefer that he didn’t watch [the show], but he needs to know everything that's going on, so he can process everything,” Lindsay explains. “That’s the kind of person he is -- he watches it all. I have to explain things on Mondays. Mondays are our most difficult time. We watch it, I explain it, talk about it and move on. Its been great -- we don’t’ dwell on anything.”

Other tidbits from Rachel

Rachel Lindsay went on to tell ET that her fiance's secret name is "Jerome," and she even calls him that when they're alone. She says he likes the name and they like going along with it. She didn't divulge what her secret name for him is. Rachel shared that she picked the name because it just came to her out of the blue.

How often does Rachel get to see her man? She spills that they see each other every couple of weeks. Being an attorney, Rachel is accustomed to respecting confidentiality, but the sneaking around to see her fiance is a new experience. The pair meet up at secret locations to keep the ending secret -- though "Bachelorette" spoilers fill fans in on who wins.

Another thing Rachel misses right now is her engagement ring. Its being concealed from the public for now by ABC. Rachel has no idea where it is and can't wait to get it back.

"I miss it! It’s such a pretty ring. He did a good job," Rachel gushed.

Will Rachel Lindsay and "The Bachelorette" winner last for the long term? Rachel believes this will be one of the successful unions of the franchise.

She describes what she has with her fiance as a "mature relationship."

It sounds like Rachel and her fiance are going to be just fine. Reality Steve usually hears when things aren't smooth sailing with the stars and their picks and nothing negative whatsoever has leaked about Rachel Lindsay's engagement -- perhaps a good sign it's true love for Rachel and the winner.