Janet Jackson, the 51-year old singer, has finally returned to Los Angeles, California together with his son to be closer to her family. The singer has previously lived in New York together with her son, Eissa Al Mana, but decided to return to the West Coast just recently. Further, a source has told Entertainment Tonight that Jackson wanted her son to have a close relationship with her family.

Apparently, everyone from Los Angeles was indeed happy after learning that they are both back to their hometown. Meanwhile, as she headed home to LA, another report from ET has confirmed that the singer is currently working on her "State of the World" upcoming tour.

Jackson was also believed to be hard at work as she tried to get back in shape prior to her scheduled shows.

Losing pounds of weight

As Jackson prepares for her upcoming world tour, it was believed that the singer is currently working on losing pounds of her weight. It was also known that the new mom already shed over 65 pounds since she gave birth to son Eissa Al Mana. Meanwhile, Jackson has also engaged herself in an intense exercise routine in order to make sure that she'll get back into shape soon.

Moreover, Entertainment Tonight has confirmed that the 51-year old singer is yet to start her tour by September 7. Hence, it has been her aim to amaze her fans with her new physique. On top of it all, the new mom is also working on a new project about a documentary that will highlight the behind the scenes of her tour.

Performer and mother

Most of her fans were amazed how Jackson managed to be a performer and a mother at the same time. Without a doubt, Jackson has tried her best to give all her time to her son despite the busy schedule. On the other hand, despite being away from the spotlight, the singer was still on a silent work for her upcoming shows.

Further, with her new documentary project, it will be expected that her life being a performer and a mother will be featured this upcoming show. Despite being a single mom, Jackson has left her followers in awe has she managed to parent her only son, Eissa.

To recall, she was also spotted in London recently together with her estranged husband, Wissam Al Mana. The singer seemed to appear a little slimmer compared to her previous body when she just gave birth to her child. Apparently, her busy schedule has helped her a lot in losing pounds of weight for her upcoming shows. Even without the help of her former husband, Jackson seems to be perfectly fine with her life and career.