Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna's engagement and pregnancy announcement came as a massive surprise to the world. When Chyna gave birth to their daughter, Dream, she high-tailed it out of the Kardashian's life. Rob's sisters have stated that Chyna was only using their brother for fame. Blac Chyna signed an NDA (non-disclosure agreement) with a Kardashian representative. Recently, Rob has struck out at his ex online in the form of revenge porn. However, by talking about the events, Chyna has landed herself in potential legal trouble.

Violation of NDA terms and conditions

According to Refinery 29, Kim Kardashian's representative presented Blac Chyna with an NDA prior to her appearances on any shows with the Kardashians. The NDA presented terms and condition which Chyna was to agree to. If she broke these Terms And Conditions, it would result in legal action against her.

The terms of the NDA outlined that Blac Chyna was that she was not allowed to divulge any information about the Kardashian family. The conditions were widespread and clear stating that she was not allowed to give any information about them publicly or privately. The Kardashians also protected extended family members including Kim's family, the Jenners, and the Disicks.

The terms also included their business plans, relationships, and employees.

The NDA was dated back in June 2016. Chyna signed it with her real name, Angela White. The Kardashians have been known to try and keep a tight lid on everything that goes on behind closed doors. However, this Non-Disclosure Agreement seems a bit extreme for someone who was engaged to Rob Kardashian at the time.

A victim silenced

Blac Chyna has violated the terms of her NDA. She spoke out about the abuse she was subjected to by her ex and father of her daughter. Rob Kardashian attacked the star online and posted nude pictures and videos of Chyna to the internet. Rob's actions have violated the laws surrounding revenge porn. However, as Chyna signed the NDA she is not allowed to discuss the situation with anyone.

Does this mean that she will not get justice?

The star has also filed for a restraining order against her ex. She has proof that Rob Kardashian physically abused her during their relationship. The restraining order was granted, but is to be temporary only. According to the Daily Mail, Rob has also told Chyna that he would kill himself if she did not do what he wanted.

The breakdown of their relationship was always going to find itself in the public eye. However, no one could predict this would be the way it would unfold.