Fox confirmed "New Girl" Season 7 as the final chapter of the comedy-drama television series. However, the network has yet to give further details about its premiere, final casting, what might be in store for the final season, and how the end of the journey will be fully wrapped.

Shortly after the sixth season bid farewell last April 2017, discussions and debate about the renewal made rounds in the headlines. There were rumors claiming that Season 6 would be its final chapter, while some believed that Fox would reconsider giving the series another try despite its frequent failure in the ratings.

When will Season 7 come into view?

The network gave the final say in mid-May as it formally announced that "New Girl" Season 7 is officially renewed, however, it's going the be the series' final season. Following the announcement, many are as well looking forward to hearing an update about its premiere release and who is set to return in the series finale.

Aside from the renewal, Fox network and the series creators have not yet released any information about its final casting and how the seventh season can open up new story lines after it pulled off a satisfying ending for Season 6. While many devoted fans and avid audiences of the series are patiently waiting for Season 7 to finally come into view, tons of fan-made theories and predictions have been coming nonstop as of late.

While these fan-made imaginary storylines will remain nothing but speculation until the official synopsis is released, a spoiler report from TV Guide suggests that "New Girl" Season 7 will open major milestones for several characters including the series protagonists, Nick (Jake Johnson) and Jess (Zooey Deschanel).

What can we expect from "New Girl" season 7?

Before "New Girl" was renewed for another season, executive producers Dave Finkel and Brett Baer were asked about the series renewal. While the two producers failed to give direct answers, as they also didn't know Fox's decision at the time, they managed to send out positive messages about the renewal.

Many are now confident that they will give the same satisfying ending for the series finale.

Reports say that "New Girl" Season 7 will arrive with a huge time skip and that the first episode will be set three years later, following the aftermath of the Season 6 finale. It has been speculated that a big portion of the season will show more about Jess and Nick's lives, respectively. However, everything remains under wraps until the network and show producers start production.