Hayden Barnes and Dr. Hamilton Finn are trying to come to terms with her pregnancy on "General Hospital." Neither Finn nor Hayden was planning on having children at this time. Spoiler alerts indicate a decision will be made for them because Dr. Liesl Obretch will be seeking revenge. And unwittingly cause the death of Ms. Barnes and her Unborn Child.

Obretch is up to her old tricks

Dr, Obretch has been a villain from day one on "General Hospital." She has the past in espionage and is in love with Ceasar Faison, one of the evilest men to show up in Port Charles.

Obretch does not like Dr. Finn and has been trying to sabotage him. She has been causing his urine samples to show drugs in his system. At first, everyone thought lab tech Brad was the culprit. Now it is clear that Liesl is once again being dastardly.

On Friday a trap was set for Obretch by Monica, Kiki, Curtis, Finn, and Hayden. The good or rather bad doctor was heard by all the witnesses saying she tampered with Finn's lab samples. Commissioner Jordan Ashford just happened to be on hand so she read Obretch her rights and arrested her. Spoilers indicate that Liesl will be outraged at getting caught and desire to see Dr. Finn pay dearly. Unfortunately, it will be Hayden and her baby who will pay the ultimate price.

Liesl Obretch may be on her way out of Port Charles

"General Hospital" has not been giving Obretch much air time. She was supposed to perform for the Nurse Ball but her slot was given to little Jake Weber. Liesl was not even seen during the days the ball was aired. She obviously is going to make bail for tampering with Dr. Finn's urine sample.

It will probably be at that time she causes the accident that takes Hayden's life. The only friend she has in town is her son Nathan. It will really be sad if he is the one who puts his mother behind bars.

Liesl Obretch may be written out of the show once she is sentenced for the death of Hayden Barnes. Spoiler alerts do not say how Hayden will die, only that Liesl will be responsible.

The character of Obretch has so much depth it's a shame she was relegated to the back burner and "General Hospital" did not develop her properly. Obretch could have seen the light and turned from the dark side as many other characters have.

Both Sonny Corinthos and Julian Jerome escape punishment for their crimes and are allowed to make amends to their families. It would have been interesting to see a softer side of Dr. Liesl. Stay tuned for more GH spoilers and updates on the fate of Hayden, Obretch and Dr. Finn.