Hey, “Game Of Thrones” fans. Tyrion will be real busy trying to take over Westeros in this new Episode 2 of the current season 7. Also, a major revolt is in the cards for Jon Snow. Daenerys, aka Dany, is about to see someone she didn’t expect. These spoiler teasers were served up by an HBO press release via The Futon Critic.


The press release also revealed that the title of this episode is, “Stormborn.” Their plot summary began by revealing the details of the Dany storyline that will be taking place. It turns out that a visitor will arrive on the scene to see her at some point. This mystery visitor is described as being unexpected.

So, it sounds like Dany might be shocked to see this person. We’re not totally sure. However, this does sound like it will be a very intriguing storyline. There’s no doubt about that. The big question is who will this surprise visitor be? We can’t wait to find out.

Against a revolt

Next, they revealed that Jon Snow will have some more scenes in this episode. However, they definitely don’t sound pleasant because he’s going to be up against a revolt! What will this revolt be about? Will Jon be able to weather this storm? Those are the big questions that we hope to see get answered as quickly as possible.

This storyline sounds like it could take a few episodes to fully play out. It’s definitely going to get started in this one though and it sounds like we could see some very intense scenes as a result.

It’s highly possible that we might even see a few glimpses of it in the new preview clip for episode 2. It should get released after the premiere episode 1 wraps up later on tonight. So, be sure to look out for it.

Conquest of Westeros

In this third and last teaser, they mentioned what Tyrion will be up to.

Apparently, he’s going to be very busy plotting and planning a major conquest of Westeros! So, it sounds like this particular situation will end up delivering some very action-filled and dramatic scenes to look forward to. Also, this is another plotline that will most likely take a few episodes to fully play out.

Some production details revealed that Bryan Cogman wrote the script for this episode. They hired Mark Mylod to direct it.

That’s all the intel that HBO’s press release had to offer for this installment. Again, be sure to keep an eye out for the new episode 2 preview clip to possibly get a lot of additional information. It should show up on Youtube a few hours after the airing of episode 1.

If you’re watching the show live, you should be able to catch it immediately after episode 1 ends. We can also confirm that episode 2 is set to air next Sunday night, July 23 at 8 p, central time on HBO. Stay tuned.

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