On July 12th, HBO hosted a Red Carpet event and it was then that "Game of Thrones" Season 7 premiered at least for the cast and crew of the show, but some media representers were present as well. Allegedly the episode got everyone excited, but it was the opening scene that was really mind-blowing and definitely the highlight of the whole episode. Without further ado, let's jump right into the juicy details of the event. Be careful though, heavy spoilers are coming.

The opening scene

According to the Telegraph, the episode opens before the opening credits, and it includes "a notorious plotter addressing his followers" before the shift in tone occurs.

What happens next is a "swift massacre without actual violence." It was in that moment when everyone got off their seats applauding.

So what could this mean?

This scene could only be the Frey massacre battle at the hands of Arya Stark. We already knew that David Bradley, the actor who portrayed the infamous Walder Frey who Arya brutally killed at the end of the last season was confirmed to make a return early in the season. Maybe he just played a corpse, which "Game of Thrones" already did in the past. The latest example was Charles Dance who played the corpse of his deceased character Tywin Lannister back in season 5.

On the other hand, Walder Frey could make an actual appearance in this scene, but it will be Arya Stark wearing his face who will address the rest of the Frey family. The head of the house Frey is certainly one of the biggest plotters in the show, so it stands to reason to believe that he might be in this scene.

If this is true, it should be poetic justice because we all remember the brutality of the Red Wedding when the Starks were slaughtered at the hands of Frey and Bolton soldiers.

So "the massacre without actual violence" part can only mean the massive poisoning of the members of House Frey.That would certainly spark wild applause from the cheering audience.

The opening credits are different

With Essos out of the picture and all the scenes concentrated in Westeros, it stands the reason to believe that the opening credits might change.

However, the real question is if this is it going to be just a minor change or a significant one? We are just going to wait and see. Apart from that, the Telegraph reports that a British musical star, Ed Sheeran will also appear in the season 7 premiere.

"Game of Thrones" international premiere of season 7 will air on HBO this Sunday.