Hey, “Orphan Black” fans. We’re going to see a dark secret get discovered by Rachel at some point in the upcoming Episode 7 of this current season 5. Also, Sarah will bring the drama when she fights for her daughter, Westmoreland tries to get more aggressive with Kira, and more. These spoilers were revealed by BBC America via TV Guide.

'Gag or Throttle'

The title of episode 7 is “Gag or Throttle.” According to their description, it sounds like Kira is going to face some major problems because Westmoreland will demand that more aggressive action be taken against her. Will these demands get met? If so, will Kira be able to survive whatever storm they bring?

Those are the big questions for this plotline. It does sound like it could offer some very dramatic scenes for us to look forward to.

Mount a fight

Speaking of dramatic scenes, they won’t stop with the Kira storyline. They say that Sarah will attempt to mount a huge fight in an effort to save her daughter. It’ll be interesting to see if she can succeed or if she gets stopped dead in her tracks. One thing that is for sure is that her situation sounds like it will also provide us with a lot of drama and entertainment.

Next, they mentioned a situation that’s pretty intriguing. Apparently, Rachel is going to find a dark secret at some point. This secret will cause her to start doubting her place within the Neolution organization.

What does this dark secret entail? That’s the main question for this storyline. Hopefully it will get answered in this particular episode.

True identity

In this last teaser, we’re going to see Cosima in action. She will return with a very important clue. It’ll be in regard to Westmoreland's true identity.

This is another plotline that sounds like it will give us a lot of intriguing moments. The big questions are: What is her clue? Will it actually help with discovering Westmoreland’s real identity? We’re just going to have to wait for this thing to air to find out.

BBC America also released a preview clip for episode 7.

It starts off showing us a scene with Sarah asking Art, “What the hell are you doing here?” He responds with, “You won’t believe it.” It looks like it could turn into something pretty interesting. Next, Rachel is shown. Before that scene ends, they say they have found their Eve. At the same time, Kira is seen standing next to Rachel. So, that looks very intriguing.

Kira’s eggs

After that, they showed a strange Helena moment. From there, a series of scenes reveal that a plan is in place to take Kira’s eggs. However, the clip caps off with Mrs. S. getting her guns ready to go get her back. It definitely looks intense. Be sure to check it out below. Episode 7 is confirmed to air on Saturday night, July 22, 2017 at 9pm central time on BBC America.

Stay tuned.

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